Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Niece

Jeff: "Are you posting a picture of a baby that is not ours on your blog?" (voiced with pretend disapproval)

Sure am!

Who can resist this cuteness? Here's a darling picture of Annibelle that my brother shared with me.

Baby Dreams

So, my dreams have definitely changed now that I'm a mom. And that is wonderful. For the last three years, I have been having really annoying dreams.

Since I've been a mom, I haven't had one.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic.

Here's the funny thing about my new dreams. They're all about being a mom. No, that's not the funny part either. Wait for it . . . wait for it . . . Okay, now I'm just being dumb. Let's chalk part of this post up to sleep deprivation.

So, two nights ago, Jeff told me Jill had a dirty diaper that I needed to change. So, I got out of bed and went over to look at Jill: She was all swaddled up tight still. I thought, no way Jeff could know if her diaper was dirty without even checking! So, I turned to Jeff, who I assumed would be sitting in the bed, and to my surprise he was asleep. So, I woke him up (well I thought I did) and asked him how he knew Jill's diaper was dirty. He said he didn't know what I was talking about and to go back to sleep. (I only thought I woke Jeff up, because he has no recollection of this. So, I think he talked to me in his sleep, which he does sometimes when he's in a really deep sleep.)

So, I dreamed that he told me that, and it made me wake myself up to go change her diaper. Sad day when I'm already not getting enough sleep.

Two nights prior to that almost the same thing happened, except in that dream Jeff told me that I needed to go feed Jill, and again I woke up out of the dream, continued to think it was real, walked over to a sleeping Jill and thought that Jeff couldn't know she was hungry if she were sleeping.

So, on top of not sleeping very much because of Jill, I am now waking myself up from sleep because of Jill as well.

Kind of sad and funny, eh? :)

In case you didn't think this post was funny at all, and you had been hoping for something funny, check out the lastest Get Fuzzy comic strip by clicking here.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How Fast She'll Grow

Our friends, the Poultons, spent the past semester in Washington DC, and they're back now. Yay! When they left, little Chantilly was only a few weeks old, and look how much she's grown already!

I am excited for Jill to grow and become more interactive, but I know I'll miss these tiny days, too.

Chantilly and Jill

Jeff & Jill

Watching this video makes me a little sad now, because she keeps motioning to eat, but other than that I think it's pretty cute. :)

April 27, 2009

Jill Updates

April 26: Still at the hospital, but lookin' good with my cute bow!
We got to come home on Monday, April 27. Jill is doing great, and Mimi has four prescriptions from the doctor, so surely she will be doing super great soon!

April 27: Look at these cute outfits they keep putting me in!

April 28: I am going to be a professional boxer. Look at my fancy gloves!
Tuesday, April 28, Jill went to her first doctor's appointment. We love the pediatrician. (Thanks for the recommendation, Annicka!) Unfortunately, she's down from her birth rate of 6 pounds 11 ounces all the way to 5 pounds 15 ounces. We've got a little light weight on our hands. We'll be going back in on Thursday to check and see if she has gained any more weight. She was still in the high risk zone for jaundice, so we'll check that again, too.

April 28: All ready in the car seat to go to her first doctor's appointment.
Still April 28: She is an unusually good sleeper. Well, I don't really know, because she's my first newborn, but we have to keep waking her up to eat. I really thought it would be the other way around. Unfortunately, when we have to wake her up, she does not eat very well and then takes a long time to fall back asleep. Everyone is much happier when she wakes up hungry, gobbles some food, and then goes back to sleep. This night, I woke her up at 1:00 am and was not able to get her to go back to sleep until around 4:30 am. I fed her three times. Sigh. I hope she's heavier at her next check up!

April 29: Just try and make me go to sleep after you were silly enough to wake me up!
Today we had her levels checked again, and she is out of the high risk zone for jaundice, so that is good news. We gave her a bath this morning (first time we've attempted it). She was not a big fan of the sponge bath. She didn't cry at all during the second half though, when she was wrapped in a towel and we were just washing her hair. The highlight for me was when Jeff was toweling her off in between, but she kept feeling more wet . . . or at least he did. She peed on him. ;) I'm counting that as one of her wet diapers for the day. Hehe.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


The last two posts were both written by Jeffrey. He didn't want anyone to know that he was updating my blog, so he wrote in first person for me. Isn't he a cutie?

Safe and Sound

Jill made it into the world safe and sound at 9:15 PM on April 25th. After who knows how many hours of the magnesium sulfate and pitocin, I couldn't take it anymore and got an epidural. After that they ended up using an internal monitor on her, because of her heart rate. She was also facing the wrong way and had to be turned and helped out a little with some forceps but she made it. Here are some pictures of the festivities!

I just got out and am amazed at the world

My first time meeting daddy!

The world is awesome and I am hungry!

Oh no, the dreaded bath!

Oh my, that was surprising!

Napping with mommy

Check out my pretty bow and hair!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baby Update

It looks like it will still be a little while until the baby comes. I am not dilating as fast as we would have liked. Currently I am at 3cm, and the cervix is very thin. The contractions are really strong and I now have an epidural, which is amazing. The contractions are consistent and just what you want. The blood pressure is great and the baby's heartbeat is great. Basically I just need to dilate and then we will have Jill. Could be 3-5 more hours.

(Jeff wrote this post.)

Well, well, well

So, after my day of thinking Jeff was silly for being so overprotective, it turns out he's a smart man. We had a nice evening. We went to the BYU Bookstore to enjoy the graduation sales, and then we went over to a friend's house to babysit their angel son. We walked to the park and had a blast. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of seeing Jeff interact with children firsthand, let me tell you. :) He is amazing. Babies and children just love him. It's a gift.

Near the end of the babysitting, my feet were really swollen. Really, really swollen. I know that a lot of pregnant women swell, but it was abnormal. Jeffrey felt a prompting that we should go check my blood pressure. Thank goodness for my husband. We went to Rite Aid (thank goodness for 24-hour drug stores!), and it was not pretty. Healthy blood pressures are under 120. We did mine four times, and it was in the 150s to 170s each time. That's not good.

So, we went to the hospital last night. We were admitted around 10:30 pm. They ran a bunch of tests, and I do have preeclampsia. That's when the fun began. They moved me into this beautiful big room and hooked me up to a bunch of things. :) I have the two external monitors (for contractions and the baby's heartbeat), an IV with normal fluid and magnesium sulfate, a catheter to monitor my urine output, and Cervidil to try to get my cervix ready for labor and delivery.

In about an hour or an hour and a half, they'll check my cervix and start me on Pitocin. I have been having very steady contractions, so we are hopeful that Jill will come out vaginally. If she doesn't, then it would be a Cesarean. Due to the dangerous nature of preeclampsia, Jill has to come out today.

All things considered, I am feeling great. My only real complaint is the effects of the magnesium sulfate. It makes me feel very, very warm (but my temperature shows that I'm actually pretty cold), and it's giving me a headache. I put up with it for about 3 hours, but then I decided to take some Tylenol. My body didn't put up with the Tylenol very well. I threw up immediately. On the plus side though, I'm not nauseous at all. It was just the same old same old problem I've had my whole life: I'm not very good at swallowing pills. The sad part was that it took too long to get the throw-up bucket, so the first round of vomit was just all over my chest. Hehe. That was a thrill.

But seriously, they have me closely monitored, and I am doing great. Jill is doing very well, too. Her heartbeat has remained very strong and steady, and she's been moving regularly. So, Jeff and I feel very, very blessed (and a little bored and extremely excited!).

Pictures of my luxurious accommodations
I feel like I'm in a nice hotel, but when you open the drawers you find medical instruments instead of extra blankets. :)
Gotta let the fam know what's goin' on
Jeff and I (The wet wash cloth was my first attempt to soothe my headache. Sadly, in the violence of the vomit, the cloth was thrown off and landed in the barf bucket. Ew.) ;)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Done and Done

This has been quite a week for the fam. I am finished with work now. I have enjoyed working where I did since 2007, so it is kind of weird to be done. Jeff, on the other hand, completed his first term at BYU in 2001, so it is really weird . . . exhilarating . . . wonderful for him to be done. :)

Now, I'm sitting at home, and he's off at work. Things have worked out quite nicely for us. He has had a student internship with the church since January of last year, and they are letting him stay on now, even though he isn't a student, until we move. Very, very convenient.

I am supposed to be packing, but Jeffrey is all concerned and thinks I should be on bed rest, so he kept all the boxes in the car that he drove to Salt Lake this morning (that's where his office is).

So . . . no packing.

I did finish writing all my thank you cards though! Forty-seven in total. Jeff and I have been very blessed by the generosity of our friends. I was thrown three baby showers, and then people that didn't live nearby have been mailing us things as well. We are so grateful for the love and support our friends have shown us.

You may be wondering why Jeff thinks I should be on bed rest. Well, I went to the doctor today, and he saw some signs that made the doctor a little concerned about toxemia/preeclampsia. Now, I am not diagnosed with it, so please don't start worrying. I just have some of the signs: elevated blood pressure, protein in the urine, intense swelling, and intense heartburn/reflux. So, instead of coming back in a week, he's having me go back in on Monday. If my blood pressure has continued to go up, then we'll schedule to have labor induced. If my blood pressure stays the same, then no worries, and I'll see the doctor again three days later.

You may want to stop reading if medical/pregnancy things constitute too much information for you. :)
Good news, when the doctor checked my cervix, he could feel her head. So, we already knew she was dropped, but now we know she is very, very dropped. :) Hehe. My cervix has thinned out quite a bit since the last visit, but I'm pretty much not dilated at all.

If you're wondering how far along I am, my ultrasound due date is May 8, and my menstrual cycle is May 1. Which do we trust? It's hard to know. I've always gone with May 8, so I don't have to be as disappointed if May 1 comes and goes without a baby.

With this talk of induction though, Jeff and I are getting kind of excited about the idea of an April baby. Is it bad to be excited when the cause is that I am not as healthy as I could be? Haha. We're so eager to have baby Jill here!

I took these pictures yesterday and today. I wanted to share some of the spring beauty with you.

And on a side note, go Jazz! :)


Delphi has been granted an extension, so today is not dooms day anymore. We still don't know the outcome. Delphi has until May 4 to prepare something for someone, then the court case is on May 7, and someone has until May 8 to approve it. They've been bankrupt since 2005, so it was kind of nice in a way to get an idea of what the future might hold, but it's extended. So cross your fingers and hold your breath until the first week of May!

News article about it

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yummy in my Tummy!

Jeff and I enjoyed a wonderful evening at the Alexanders' home with the Nays. Christine had whipped up a tasty dinner of Hawaiian haystacks, Chelsea brought a delicious fruit salad, and our measly contribution was the juice. Lame, I know, right?

So, have you ever had Hawaiian haystacks before? I had never even heard of them until I came to BYU, and since I came out here, I have had them at ward activities I believe three times. Jeff had never heard of them until he served his mission in California, and he had them at a member's home. So, are they a Mormon thing or a Western thing? Does anyone know? Or did Jeff and I just grow up in ignorance of this delightful dish?

Photograph stolen from a random person's blog.

The base is rice. Then you pour some yummy chicken gravy concoction over that. Then you add all your toppings. Christine had pineapple, green onions, green peppers, black olives tomatoes, cheese, and chow mein noodles. It's possible I'm forgetting something . . . And that's it. So good. :)

After dinner, we played some mad rounds of Uno Attack. The Nays had never played it before, and I wanted a game without too much strategy. By the end of the day, my brain (already not functioning at peak performance) is pretty much done.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

See Jill Grow!

Click on it to view it larger (*cough* to actually be able to read the writing). :)

I'm a lucky auntie

Well, I've been blessed with three beautiful nieces. So, enjoy some cute pictures of them. :) Oh yes, and clarification for anyone who reads my blog and doesn't know my family, I have three siblings and each was blessed with a baby girl within the last 18 months. My Jill will be 16 months younger than her oldest cousin.

Emily Ruth Boling

Emily and Hallie

Hallie Rose

Annibelle Collette Boling

Minor Personal Victory

Now, to some of you this is nothing, but yay for me! I have not bit my nails in three and a half weeks! As a nail biter, this is huge. I started biting them when I was 8, so this has been a major step for me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Las Vegas

This weekend, Jeff and I decided to take one last trip, so we went to visit some of our favorite people, the Bellows. Sorry to disappoint anyone who thought I wasn't at church because Jill had already come. :( She's still inside. That definitely would have been exciting though!

Pictures of Ryan at the restaurant. Crazy kid loves his lemons.

We had a very full day the next day. Sadly, I did not get pictures of everything. We started out at Lied's Children's Museum. That was a blast, and that is what these pictures are of. After that we went over to Ethel M's to take a tour of the M&M factory, but the actual factory part is closed for renovations. They still gave us a sample of the gourmet Ethel's Chocolate though, so that was awesome. And the cactus garden was open. We walked around that and saw lots of pretty flowers and cacti, as well as a mysterious . . . thing. I really don't know what to call it. Our best guess is that they grow cocoa beans in it. From far away, I thought it was a water feature, but nope.
Jeffrey and Zach went to enjoy one of their favorite activities: golf. While they were at the driving range, Brooke and I walked around this amazing park. I have decided that Las Vegas does an amazing job with parks. I went to two this trip, and had been to one on a previous trip, and I am just incredibly impressed with the facilities, grounds, and features.
After that, Jeff and I were able to enjoy the new grill Zach and Brooke just got. We had chicken, bratwursts, asparagus, and pineapple on the grill, accompanied by a yummy fruit salad Brooke made. For lunch/dinner on Sunday, we had filet mignon, corn on the cob, and asparagus. Other sides were broccoli and potatoes. We were definitely eating like kings and queens!

As all (earthly) things eventually come to an end, so did our trip. It did get extended by one day, because Jeff got sick. Then sadly, I got sick the next day when we were driving home. It was not pleasant, but luckily it was just a vicious 24-hour bug of some sort, because Jeff was only sick Saturday night to Sunday night, and I was only sick from Sunday night to Monday night. There's always something to be grateful for!
Their beautiful home and the lovely guest bedroom they let us stay in. :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Las Vegas Videos

I took these on my normal camera, not the video camera, so the quality is not A+, but I still enjoy them.

Here we are at the children's museum still. Jeff is making really cool huge bubbles, haha, or as some call them, balloons. :)

Brooke and Zach are playing a little wheelchair basketball. Well, I think really, they're just playing with the wheelchairs and making shots. :) It's kind of hard to play one-on-one—especially in wheelchairs!

There was this magnetic, spinning disk thing. Jeffrey decided to put Ryan on it. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


So, we've been having beautiful spring weather, but being Utah, the snow isn't quite done yet. :) We went from nice 60 degree weather to lots and lots of snow. I don't mind a bit of snow in the spring, but this snowfall made me sad. Many trees and plants had decided that spring was here "for real" and were all gussied up in their finest. Well, they couldn't handle the snow. Some trees fell over, and many of the rest had to have branches cut down.

The apartment complex next to mine has a four or five beautiful trees lining the street. The trees had already budded and were decorated with beautiful light pink flowers. The smell was absolutely amazing!

Then the snow came and killed the flowers. Now the trees are prematurely dark maroon, like they are in the autumn, and the amazing smell is gone.


Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today's been wonderful. The talks and musical numbers in Church (especially Chase's song) really touched me. Easter is such a wonderful, beautiful time. Easter Sunday is. The days before Easter are quite sad to think about, but wow. Easter. Christ lives. He died and lives.

Jeff and I have enjoyed the new Mormon Messages YouTube channel, and Jeff saw this morning that Elder Holland's Conference talk has been turned into an Easter message. It is a wonderful video. So, please enjoy this Easter message.

Jason (Jeff's brother) and his wife, Amy, came over for Easter dinner today. Jeff and I provided the ham, mashed potatoes, and pasta egg salad. We turned our cute Easter eggs from the blog post before into a salad. Haha. I have never had pasta and hard boiled eggs in the same salad before, but it was actually really, really good. We found the recipe on some Australian cooking website. I wonder if it's common there. We didn't actually use the recipe, because we didn't have all the ingredients and don't know what one of them is, but we were encouraged that pasta and hard boiled egg salad existed, so we made the sauce part it had and just added peas. Yum!

Another first for us was the mashed potatoes. We've made them from scratch with real potatoes and with the flakes, but we've never used Potato Pearls before. We did today, and I was amazed. They taste great (I think), and they're so fast! They seem like an excellent food storage item to have. You only have to add hot water. I wonder how nutritional they are, and if they are a good idea for food storage. I guess it might be hard to have hot water in a real disaster, but if it's just poverty or a lost job that I'm using my food storage for, I'll still have means to get hot water, I assume.

Jason and Amy provided corn and two absolutely amazing pies. I had to take pictures.

Jason and Amy

And their amazing pies: strawberry and apple.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Eggs

We had a rainy day today, which was nice, because rain always makes me think of home. It's doesn't rain all the time or anything in Indiana, but it sure rains way more than it does out here, so I associate it with home. Some of the trees on my street are in bloom with these beautiful pink blossoms, and they were lovely to see. Thank you, rain!

The first four or so hours of the day were spent at the computer lab on campus while Jeff worked on homework and group projects. I worked on a family history project that I've been working on since 2007. Sigh. I always pick such large projects for myself! Slowly but surely, I'm trucking along though. :)

I took a typing test for fun, and my lowest speed was 87 and my highest was 112. I got a lot higher when I took the test that had fewer punctuation marks and when I lowered my chair. I type a lot faster when my hands aren't elevated. Anyway, I guess I could have a future as some sort of typist/transcriber if I ever wanted to get out of the editing arena.

I made deviled eggs again, much more confidently this time and took them to the ward picnic that we had in the Relief Society room because of the rain. It was lots of fun, and I enjoyed catching up. I spent most of the time talking to the people who sat at my table, which was wonderful, but I wish I could have mingled more, because there's not really time at Church to talk to people, so I need to use these activities to their fullest potential. :)

Then Jeff and I went over to the Nays' house to decorate Easter eggs. That was lots of fun. I'm not sure when the last time I did that was, but I'm pretty sure it was a really, really long time ago. I know I did it when I was 11, because I have a picture of it. Other than that, it's pretty foggy. :)

Chelsea and Riley Nay, our lovely hosts

Jeff and I. Jeff was very impressed with his Easter bunny, with good reason. You have to draw it with a "magic crayon," so you can't see what you've already drawn and you just have to guess/remember where you marked the lines.

Our four eggs. Jeff's bunny, my love egg, Jeff's with "cracks," and mine with dots. :)