Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm a lucky auntie

Well, I've been blessed with three beautiful nieces. So, enjoy some cute pictures of them. :) Oh yes, and clarification for anyone who reads my blog and doesn't know my family, I have three siblings and each was blessed with a baby girl within the last 18 months. My Jill will be 16 months younger than her oldest cousin.

Emily Ruth Boling

Emily and Hallie

Hallie Rose

Annibelle Collette Boling


  1. That picture of Annibelle made me laugh out loud! Where did you get it? They are all such cuties, who'd have thought we'd have such good lookin babies? Can't wait to see beautiful Jill!

  2. I stole the picture of Annibelle from Mindee on facebook. She just looks so cute in that picture! :) Mindee has put a lot of new pictures up recently. I am impressed by how good lookin' our babies are. Cross your fingers that the luck continues . . .

  3. I love that picture of Annibelle! She is one healthy looking baby! As always, Hallie and Emily look adorable too. You are a lucky Aunt!

    And I'm sure little Jill will be the cutest yet! There is no luck involved with you as her mom!


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