Wednesday, April 22, 2009

See Jill Grow!

Click on it to view it larger (*cough* to actually be able to read the writing). :)


  1. Hi Mimi,

    I thought I would stop by and comment like you asked :) Your tummy is supercute, though it looks like it wants to pop in that last picture. I'm sure you'll find that being a mom is much more exciting than any job you've had before, although the hours get a bit long. Anyway, you're welcome to come visit me and my family on my blog ( Good luck on your newest adventure!

    Nicole Beattie

  2. Yep, she looks like she might be starting to think about moving out, and finding roomier living space! Also, I love your hair... long, short, long, short, long! (That's how it looks anyway.)

  3. I hope she wants to pop! Jeff and I would not mind an April baby now that she's full term. :)

    And yeah, the hair has had a few haircuts, too. I am sad that my hair grows so slowly during pregnancy. I thought I would get to be one of the luscious hair pregnant ladies, but I'm one of the hair-falls-out pregnant ladies. Sad day. Hopefully it will start growing its normal speed again some day! (Just in time for another baby, perhaps?!)

    Please come find roomier living space Jill! My arms are waiting!

  4. Mimi you have looked so cute throughout your entire pregnancy. Lucky girl. You are all belly! I hope Jill decides to come soon! I can't wait to see her!

  5. You look so cute--the perfect little (well, maybe big) basketball tummy. Hopefully you'll find out something exciting at the doctor--keep us posted.

  6. So, it's a good thing you took that last picture and put this post up when you did, or it wouldn't be see Jill grow anymore, but here's Jill!!! I'm glad we got to see one last step in the progression, who knew she was going to be here so soon! P.S. I love that you changed your Jill countdown to Cincinnati!


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