Friday, September 30, 2011

I remembered a few.

I was thinking about what funny things Jill has said (in reference to this post). She said one this evening. We've been reading a book that has a girl and a little brother in it, and it is focused on opposites. On one page, the big sister is eating her food nicely and the baby brother has splattered his all over, and it says "He is naughty, and I am good." Well, Jill has started calling Daniel naughty a lot, so now when I read the book, I'll say "He is good, and I am naughty" or "sometimes he is naughty, and sometimes he is good" etc. Tonight Jeff was reading it to her and was explaining that to her and how she is good when she listens to me, and she said, "I listen to Mommy sometimes." I think she sounds like such a mini person when she says things like that. Maybe it was only funny in the moment, I don't know, but she's not even 2 1/2 yet!

Also, Jeff was vacuuming this evening, so Jill of course ran to get her vacuum out. When Jeff was finished, he went to put his away and asked Jill to put hers away, and she replied, "I think I'm going to do this a little bit longer." Haha.

And I love it when she holds up one finger and says she needs "just one minute." So cute.

These days, Daniel is the happiest when he is standing up.
(Well, okay, that might be tied with being held.)

Jill had a friend over, and they wanted to lie like our cat Cosmo.

It's so funny how he dangles all four legs over the sides.

Jill had another friend over, and I thought they looked pretty cute after the bath in their matching towels.
(Daniel was kind enough to lend his. He's not quite tall enough yet anyway!)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Boling Baby

The new Boling grandchild will be a . . . 

*drum roll please*

click here to find out on my sister's blog!

Oh, and in case you don't know and didn't notice in the preceding pictures:
 the current tally of grandbabies in our family is 8 girls and 1 boy.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I need to use my inside voice.

I don't have too much time, because I have a lot to get done during nap time today, but I have been posting so little lately that I felt like I just had to while I could.

As Jill's language improves, life grows increasingly more interesting. I love hearing what she decides to say. I wish I could think of some good examples.

Oh, here's one. It isn't funny, but it is wonderful! When we are out and about, she will tell me that she needs to use the bathroom! Music to my ears.

Let's see . . . Also, she recently has started calling Danny "Dandy" sometimes.

. . .

Dang it. I can't think of anything else that she has said that has made me laugh recently, but she does it all the time. Oh, here's one. I was singing to Daniel in the kitchen, and perhaps getting a little carried away with my Broadway show tunes. She came in and said, "Mommy, that is too loud. We are inside." Ha. Just goes to show that even if she doesn't obey me, she is still listening!

Chloe found a good place to nap!

Jill surprised me today by actually counting. She already was able to recite the numbers (and recite them in Spanish out of order), but today she had four forks on the floor in front of her, and she said "one, two, three, four—four forks." She has never counted before without me asking her to. (Like we're reading a book, and I say "How many ladybugs are there? Can you count them?" That kind of thing.)

My mother-in-law made a dress for Jill and skirt for me that matched. 
Pretty cute!

Daniel is stuck in a very frustrating stage of not-quite-crawling-and-he-knows-it. He can still get around through wiggling and rolling, but he isn't actually crawling yet, and this makes him quite upset. He now knows that he could just get to that toy, but he can't. He is also pulling himself up on anything within reach. It is pretty fun to turn around and see him standing up and smiling huge, all excited. Still no teeth. Just sweet gummy smiles from my boy!

Jeff and I are both doing well. We have all of our teeth, are perfectly capable of crawling should the need or desire arise, can count up to and over 100, and have great language skills. :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I am working on teaching Jill correct information, such as her first, middle, and last names; her mommy's first and last names; her daddy's first and last names; etc. Today I decided to start throwing in the street she lived on. So, I asked her where she lived, and she said, "Pennsylvania."


Sometimes a week feels like a lifetime, I guess!

All eight Boling grandchildren, along with their mothers (+ a special aunt) and grandmother, spent five days in Hershey, Pennsylvania earlier this month. Of the grandchildren, two were born in 2008, two in 2009, two in 2010, and two in 2011. (My sister is due in 2012, so I can't help but wonder who is going to jump in to round out that year for us!) So, it was a lot of crazy and a lot of fun.

It was also very, very loud!

My sister flew from Nebraska to me, and then we drove together to Pennsylvania. On the way there, we ended up with our car turned off on the freeway waiting for a fatal car accident to be cleaned up. The kids were oblivious to the tragedy that had occurred, and Daniel was just thrilled to be out of his car seat.  It was raining, but we took them on walks around the car anyway. Three hours is a really long time for babies and toddlers to be in a stopped car. I am grateful that it was not 100 degrees.

I lost count as to how many men we saw go pee in the woods to the right of the freeway. There was one who went to the left and did his business on the median. Who does that?! I could't decide whether to share this in my blog, but it was creative, so I think I will. I had already been holding it for an hour or two before we were stopped, and I just couldn't hold it any longer. (Four hours is a long time!!) So, let's just say that I made discreet, successful use of one of Danny's diapers. I guess it's like riding bike—you never forget how to do it no matter how many years it has been since the last time you did! :)

Danny was surrounded by a lot of pink that week, but he handled it pretty well! 
Here he is with his cute cousin, Tabitha.

It rained every single day that we were in Pennsylvania. (It finally let up some on the day we decided to brave it and leave.) We were there just in time for epic flooding. It was interesting to stay at a resort that was officially closed. All of the sights of Hershey were closed due to people not being able to get to work and the evacuations of nearby towns. All of the adults had to be very resourceful to keep the children occupied. One diversion we created to keep the kiddos from going nuts in our rooms was a little parade in the parking garage.

We also made good use of the indoor swimming pool and walking under the covered sidewalks at the closed outlet mall across the street. The kids really did play very well together. It was just unbelievably loud. Kids are so loud! Imagine a daycare you never got to go home from. Hahaha.

One event we won't forget anytime soon was my mother's trip to the grocery store. She took the oldest granddaughter (3 1/2 years old) with her. They left around . . . maybe 10 in the morning and finally made it home around 9:30 that evening. Every way she tried to make it back to the resort was closed for flooding or sink holes. She kept just having to stop and try waiting it out again. It was crazy.

Here is Jill with the cousin she is closest to in age: Emily.

My sister and I decided to leave as planned on Friday, because it seemed like there was a pause in the flooding. One bridge over the Susquehanna River was still open, and we decided to give it a shot. We had to go about twenty miles out of the way to get to it, because sinkholes had caused road closures on the main routes. We were driving down the highway when my sister said, "was that an arm chair??" My first thought was maybe it had fallen out of a truck, but we soon saw that was probably not the case. My sister looked out the window and gasped—we could only see roofs. The arm chair had probably floated there out of someone's house. How sad. I have never really been that close to natural disaster devastation.

In other news, and this actually happened before the reunion, I got to see one of my best friends (from my youth days) that I hadn't seen in a long time. She and her family have been living the island life in Dominica for two years but are back now for her hubs to finish up medical school in Michigan. Yay for friendships that change but never end! :)

Other than that, life has just been pretty exhausting. Daniel no longer sleeps through the night and usually wakes up two to three times, sometimes four. Between that and how worn out I am from potty training Jill during the day, I feel like I have no rest right now. However, the bright sides are that one day Daniel will go back to sleeping during the night like he used to and that Jill is completely pee trained. So, while poop messes are indeed messier they happen much less frequently than pee. So yay for those things!

And seeing the flooding in Pennsylvania definitely put the flooding this past spring in my basement into perspective.

Oh, and of course, my favorite season is here, and I am loving it. Well, technically it hasn't officially begun yet, but it is feeling like autumn, and it's wonderful!

If you noticed the tutus and hair clips the girls are wearing during many of the reunions shots and you want one for your little girl (or yourself!) head over to my sister-in-law's etsy shop: Tangerine Tutus.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Where did August go?

Wow. A whole month passed without a single post on my blog. It was a pretty full month though. I have over 100 photos to prove it! So, I think I'll share some of those photos with you!

Daniel attended his first baseball game. (Jill and I were there, too. It was Jill's third baseball game.) It was a Florence Freedom game instead of a Reds game, so we got to sit really close to the field! (This picture displays well the dark blue ring in Daniel's eyes. Isn't that cool? I know all eyes are darker on the outside, but I think his ring is really prominent.)

Jill has enjoyed a lot of play dates with a lot of her friends this month. Here are a few tastes.

Okay, Daniel got to have some play dates, too. A lot of Jill's friends have little siblings now. :)

We spent a lot of time with the family that Jill wishes she were born into. (Kidding.) (Maybe . . . ?)

We drove up to Michigan, and I got to be there with my brother to celebrate his 30th birthday! Happy birthday, Danny!

My nieces Emily and Tabitha

Jill, sporting Bunny's ravishing pink straw hat.

We met my dad at his office one day and then ate lunch at a really beautiful park.

Daniel had chicken pox all over. He still does. He hasn't been contagious for about two weeks now though. Apparently it just takes a really long time for all the pox (poxes?) to fade. Jill got a very, very mild case. We're assuming the vaccine she had around 12 months is what helped hers be so mild. Daniel bore the chicken pox very well. As far as I know, he didn't share it with anyone other than his sister. We have no idea where he picked it up.

Jill had a week with both of her grandmas around, and one of the activities was King's Island. Jill tells me very often now that she needs to go back again.

To top off the month, my grandmother was able to come for a visit as well. She lives in Texas, so we don't get to see her too often!

And to make things really exciting (because that's how we like it!) Jeffrey was hit by a driver who fled the scene and both of our cats got lost outside this month. We managed to find both of them, Chloe was huddled under a tarp and Cosmo was inside of a storm drain. Sigh. They were both pretty terrified. Scaredy cats! (Cosmo was missing for over a day and a half. I was getting really worried about him.)

(Jeffrey was not injured. The car was though. $3,200 worth of injuries. Yay for insurance!)