Friday, September 30, 2011

I remembered a few.

I was thinking about what funny things Jill has said (in reference to this post). She said one this evening. We've been reading a book that has a girl and a little brother in it, and it is focused on opposites. On one page, the big sister is eating her food nicely and the baby brother has splattered his all over, and it says "He is naughty, and I am good." Well, Jill has started calling Daniel naughty a lot, so now when I read the book, I'll say "He is good, and I am naughty" or "sometimes he is naughty, and sometimes he is good" etc. Tonight Jeff was reading it to her and was explaining that to her and how she is good when she listens to me, and she said, "I listen to Mommy sometimes." I think she sounds like such a mini person when she says things like that. Maybe it was only funny in the moment, I don't know, but she's not even 2 1/2 yet!

Also, Jeff was vacuuming this evening, so Jill of course ran to get her vacuum out. When Jeff was finished, he went to put his away and asked Jill to put hers away, and she replied, "I think I'm going to do this a little bit longer." Haha.

And I love it when she holds up one finger and says she needs "just one minute." So cute.

These days, Daniel is the happiest when he is standing up.
(Well, okay, that might be tied with being held.)

Jill had a friend over, and they wanted to lie like our cat Cosmo.

It's so funny how he dangles all four legs over the sides.

Jill had another friend over, and I thought they looked pretty cute after the bath in their matching towels.
(Daniel was kind enough to lend his. He's not quite tall enough yet anyway!)


  1. I've never seen a cat lay like that before! It's interesting how individual animals are, huh? They have their own personalities.

    Also, those towels are awesome.

  2. About those towels, did you say you can order them online, or can NOT?

  3. I don't know. One C Work bought Jill at IKEA. We were there to see SJ, and I wanted to get one for Daniel and ended up liking the bunny design best, so I just got another one. I am sure other stores make similar ones though. I really like this one, because it snaps shut on the side rather than just having the hood and being open. It seems warmer.

  4. It is NOT available online, only in store. So, dear dear lovely sister, if you happen to find yourself at IKEA anytime, and are in the mood to buy me an unsanctioned item that I will pay you back for...

    HINT HINT. (Birthdays are coming, you know.)

  5. tee hee I'll keep that in mind. ;)

  6. ah so cute! i totally know what you mean- the things they say are so funny- when they say them! lol i love hearing jill talk though- it is so cute!
    thanks for posting again so quickly :) i miss you!

  7. Aww, cute lol! I'm glad you remembered a few things. I LOVE kids at that age! It's such an endless supply of funny things coming from their mouths. :)


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