Monday, September 26, 2011

I need to use my inside voice.

I don't have too much time, because I have a lot to get done during nap time today, but I have been posting so little lately that I felt like I just had to while I could.

As Jill's language improves, life grows increasingly more interesting. I love hearing what she decides to say. I wish I could think of some good examples.

Oh, here's one. It isn't funny, but it is wonderful! When we are out and about, she will tell me that she needs to use the bathroom! Music to my ears.

Let's see . . . Also, she recently has started calling Danny "Dandy" sometimes.

. . .

Dang it. I can't think of anything else that she has said that has made me laugh recently, but she does it all the time. Oh, here's one. I was singing to Daniel in the kitchen, and perhaps getting a little carried away with my Broadway show tunes. She came in and said, "Mommy, that is too loud. We are inside." Ha. Just goes to show that even if she doesn't obey me, she is still listening!

Chloe found a good place to nap!

Jill surprised me today by actually counting. She already was able to recite the numbers (and recite them in Spanish out of order), but today she had four forks on the floor in front of her, and she said "one, two, three, four—four forks." She has never counted before without me asking her to. (Like we're reading a book, and I say "How many ladybugs are there? Can you count them?" That kind of thing.)

My mother-in-law made a dress for Jill and skirt for me that matched. 
Pretty cute!

Daniel is stuck in a very frustrating stage of not-quite-crawling-and-he-knows-it. He can still get around through wiggling and rolling, but he isn't actually crawling yet, and this makes him quite upset. He now knows that he could just get to that toy, but he can't. He is also pulling himself up on anything within reach. It is pretty fun to turn around and see him standing up and smiling huge, all excited. Still no teeth. Just sweet gummy smiles from my boy!

Jeff and I are both doing well. We have all of our teeth, are perfectly capable of crawling should the need or desire arise, can count up to and over 100, and have great language skills. :)


  1. I love your closing. Glad to hear that update about you and Jeff and your development.

    I love the dress Laurie made for Jill, and your cute skirt too. Tell her I said NICE JOB.

    I thought Daniel was just about crawling? Still not quite there?

    And Mimi, please, use your inside voice. :)

  2. Cute pic! I love the outfits :)
    I think Danny will be crawling any second......
    I'm glad he is standing though- makes me not feel so bad :)
    Hopefully I will see you again soon, it was nice catching up with you, thanks for posting!

  3. Jackson A. was the star of my CTR class. We were counting to ten, one day, when Jackson commented, "I can count to a million, but I'm not going to." I asked him why he wouldn't count to a million for us. "Because it takes too long." I had to agree with him. Do you suppose that Jill's counting skill will lead to a profession, such as accounting, or astronomy? Maybe she'll be a mom, and teach her babies to count to quatro in English and Spanish. I hope so! Love, grandpa H.

  4. Too right! Danny is a Dandy! When you sing at my house you never need to use your inside voice. My neighbors have told me that they love to hear you singing!
    And, I was next to the couch when Chloe was napping with the dolls. Every time she moved, the Dora doll goggled. She moved a lot. I think she liked the sound.


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