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Vocabulary Perception Survey

If you have a moment, fill out this survey please. (It will take about five minutes.) My friend's friend is conducting a survey for a textbook for teaching English as a second language.

Dancing with Cinderella

Here are some pieces of my fairy tale.

Watching some March Madness

Grandma bought Jill a new dress today, and Jill was desperate to wear it. Once she put it on, she announced that she was Cinderella, and Danny was her prince. So I got him dressed up, too. Then Jeff came home from work in the middle of our game and became another prince. And, if you notice, Jeff's work clothes that day match Danny's outfit pretty exactly.

As Jeff and Jill danced, I couldn't help but think of Steven Curtis Chapman's song Cinderella. (He wrote the song after one of his daughters passed away at a young age.) It is such a beautiful song, but so sad. It made me sad when I first heard it, but since October and my niece Tabitha's passing, it has had added meaning.

So, as I watched my devoted husband dance with our vivacious daughter while our determined son was pounding the door intent to get outside, my heart was full of joy, wonder, and gratitude for what I have.

And while I bask in what …


The circus was in town, and Laurie took us all to the show. Jill really enjoyed it. Whenever she is asked, she comments on the clowns. Apparently they made a big impression on her.

I have been trying to think what my favorite part was, but it is really hard to narrow that down. The tigers were beautiful. The elephants were cool. The tight-rope walkers were insane. The . . . silk acrobats (what are they called?) were breathtaking and scary.

There was one act—I have no idea how to describe it—there were two round, open cages on their sides, attached to long weighted metal poles, so they could spin around in circles. (This description is horrible!) And the circles swung around, like a ferris wheel. They went really high up in the air like a ferris wheel, too. And there was a man inside each one. They did crazy stuff inside, and then they jumped out and got ON TOP of the circle. Every now and then it looked like one was going to fall, but I don't know whether they really were or if th…

Spring . . . ?

 February Showers Bring March Flowers
I have been worrying the entire fall and then winter about my flowers. I spent a lot of time last year (and so did my friends and family) planting bulbs and preparing myself for a fantastic, beautiful spring. Well, some flowers started coming up in November, and I started worrying. They kept growing in December and January. In February, bulbs appeared. I kept worrying that they would all freeze and die, and I would have no flowers. But last week, Jill went outside and said, "Mom! Purple and white flowers!" Sure enough—my crocuses are in bloom.
I guess I don't have to worry about not having any flowers. But I am curious to see if all the other ones will live or whether a huge blizzard is still lurking somewhere waiting to descend.
And because a post really isn't complete without a picture of one of my children, here is this photo of Jill. I said, "cheese," and this is what I got. I wonder from where she learned this pose…

February Summary

Let's see . . . what happened in February that I never got around to posting.
My brother Dan, sister-in-law Rachel, and niece Emily came to visit. (Rachel got some good pictures.) Emily is Jill's closest-in-age cousin, and they had a lot of fun together! It was impossible to not think of Tabitha, especially with Danny walking/crawling around. Tabitha is Danny's closest-in-age cousin, and we the moms had big plans for them being buddies. Rachel and Dan recently learned that their next child (Rachel is expecting) will be a boy. So Emily's little brother will be the only other (so far) boy cousin in the Boling family, so of course he and Danny will be special buddies, too.
Emily and Jill
My dad got to come down for a short visit as well. My mom spent about a month in Nebraska with my sister, helping her make it through her last month of pregnancy while dealing with two toddlers, a hernia, and migraines. It is always wonderful to have my dad around. He's so fun and help…