Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another Fun Day at Sea

Today is another "fun day at sea" as we float away from Mexico and return to Tampa. This really has been a wonderful honeymoon. I am so grateful to Jeff's parents for giving it to us as a wedding gift. I have really enjoyed the break from school and work. It has been so much fun to just be Jeff and Mimi without any of our daily stresses. :) And of course, I always love to travel and be pampered!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


We docked at Calica, Mexico, today. Jeff and I chose to go to see the ancient ruins at Tulum. We think our tour guide was LDS. It was cool to learn about the descendants of the Nephites and Lamanites. When we learned about their civilization, it was apparent how far they had fallen. They were definitely riding the pride part of the pride cycle when their civilization was destroyed.

Jeffrey bought me a pendant engraved with "Mimi" in the Mayan pictographs on it. :)

It was really cool to walk where Lamanites and Nephites once walked. The buildings were built on a cliff overlooking the ocean with a beach at the bottom. It was utterly beautiful. We really had an enjoyable day walking about the ruins, learning more about the history, and seeing the largest iguanas we have ever seen!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Grand Cayman

Today our ship anchored next to Grand Cayman Island. Jeff and I went to Seven Mile Beach. The sand was so soft. The beach was beautiful. I taught Jeff how to float. :) He's really not a swimmer/water person. We laid on the beach for a while and listened to the iPod. Then we did some shopping in the tourist traps. We both bought a shirt, and we purchased some post cards also. I'm having fun.

Now, Jeff lying is next to me asleep. His eyes hurt from getting salt water in them, poor baby. We still have dinner left to go to tonight, and maybe we'll go to the show tonight. I love the hot chocolate they have on board. Jeff and I are becoming addicted.

Our Ship: The Carnival Inspiration

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Fun Day at Sea

Jeff and I are sunbathing on the top of tha boat. It is really beautiful. Jeff wants to see a whale. :) I told him he would have to go to Maine with me if he wants to see a whale.

(Here we are dressed up for dinner.) He was a little disappointed earlier. He entered the Longest Drive contest (golf), and he lost to the winner at 245. He can usually hit over 300, but the clubs were graphite, so his farthest was only 209, or in the teens somewhere. I'm glad he got to do something golfy though, since we definitely cannot afford a golf shore excursion!

Today is Sunday. I forgot to pack scriptures. I feel kind of weird. Today hasn't been very Sabbath-like. At least I'll wear a skirt later. At least forgetting the scriptures (and the camera) is a mistake you only make once. I'll remember for our next vacation.

(Here we are in our robes on our way to the hot tubs!) I can't wait until we have kids to take on vacation with us! There are a lot of cute little kids running around with their parents. I'm jealous. Someday . . .

We got our tickets for our shore excursion today. When we're in Cozumel/Calica, we get to go to the Mayan ruins of Tulum. Tomorrow we'll be at Playa del Carmen on Grand Caymen Island. We're going to go to the beach and try our luck exploring on our own. Jeff is fluent in Spanish, so I think we'll survive.

Just Jeff and I on the boat with the ocean behind us. :)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bon Voyage!

(I typed up my journal entries from the honeymoon.)

So, we're checked out of our old apartment and completely moved into our new apartment. And now we're on our honeymoon! Yay! :)

Here we are (in our new apartment), but definitely ready to leave again!

I am sitting in the honeymoon suite on our cruise ship, Carnival's Inspiration. We paid a little bit of extra money to have internet access while we're on board. It will be fun to e-mail updates to our families. :)

I am sitting on a window seat looking out a porthole (our room has two) and watching the ocean pass me by. Jeff is watching a movie. We're waiting for it to be dinner time. This was such a wonderful gift from his parents. Jeff and I are really enjoying the alone time away from the pressure of work and school. Everything is really expensive on the ship (not a surprise I suppose). We had to buy a camera, because I left ours in the living room. :( We'll use it for the honeymoon, and then Jeff will sell it on eBay, so we won't lose too much money.

Jeffrey's mom had a surprise waiting for us! She had the cruise line decorate our room! :)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Our bags are packed . . .

Well, Jeff and I are all boxed up and ready to move tomorrow night. I'm really looking forward to being in a more permanent home. Although there have been some good times here. I, however, won't miss the hot summer nights before they brought the air conditioners in. I remember one night in particular was awful. I couldn't fall asleep because it was so hot, and I started crying because I was so miserable. Jeff realized something had to be done, so he figured out a way to keep the fan in our window. It cooled things down considerably. I have such a wonderful husband. :)

I am so filled with happiness.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thoughts on an August Day

Amy is going to be sealed and wed to Devin Rose in the Nauvoo temple on December 28. Exciting, huh? Hey, she and I will both have been on 28s in 2006. How fun. :)

I wonder if Pete and Danny will ever get married. I hope so.

I am getting so excited about going on our honeymoon cruise and moving into our new apartment! It will be nice to be somewhere permanent (relatively) and not have to worry about how hard it will be to pack back up after getting everything out.

I was babysitting at the Roushes' house today. Madison had a friend over. Her friend asked if I was 18 (or maybe 16—definitely something-teen). Isn't that funny? She was shocked when she found out I was 21, but she thought I was a cool babysitter. :)

Tuesday, August 8, 2006


I think I am done receiving those e-mails. Apparently, Moroni was telling his girlfriend, Tara, horrible stories about me, saying I was chasing him and going over to his house and trying to get him to marry me. She didn't know whether she should believe him or not, so she would make him e-mail me, telling me to stop stalking him, etc., while she watched him do it. She didn't think he would e-mail me if it weren't the truth. Then when Jeff confronted him, Moroni claimed someone was trying to ruin his life and was using his e-mail address. Then Moroni's girlfriend contacted Jeff trying to find out the truth about me, since she had heard that we were married and that we were broken up, because I wanted Moroni. Insane, huh?

Monday, August 7, 2006

Letter from Danzy!

I am so overjoyed. I received a letter from Danzy today. He is not bitter or heartbroken. He said he gets jealous sometimes, but he has faith that God has a plan for his life that will be wonderful. He and I are going to be able to be friends, and it is not going to be horribly awkward. Isn't that wonderful? He said he was glad that I had been so honest about my previous feelings, because it gave him more hope and confidence for his future relationships. I am so glad that I did not lose a good friend that I have cared for so much. Maybe Reed will come around and be my friend again sometime. I hope Danzy and Jeff like/respect each other.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Devin proposed to Amy! He called Dad for permission and spent this weekend up in Michigan with the family. He took Amy to a restaurant on Saturday. He had a spiral notebook with a pen and the ring stuck in the spiral. He handed it to Amy, and asked her to write something. She couldn't get the pen out and finally realized that she couldn't because it was stuck on a diamond ring! I'm so happy for her. :)

I had a nice visit with Grandma. I was able to record an interview with her. We took her all around Provo and BYU. I got to show her temple square yesterday, on Sunday. I'm so glad she was able to come.

I feel so happy and free!

Oh. Sad news. My cousin Heidi and her husband, Matt, are getting divorced. They only got married in 2004. :( How sad to have something with so much potential for joy end like that.

Thinking about Reed always really hurts me inside. I'm glad I don't have to feel that way about Danzy anymore. Some day the hole Reed left in my heart will heal. Some day.

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Just another day

I studied really hard for my grammar test today and earned a 95. :) I find out how I made out on my usage test in class tomorrow. For my final project, I've decided to interview Grandma Boling when she is here this weekend. Then I'll transcribe it and write a paper about it. It will be really interesting, because she was born in 1920. A lot has happened in her lifetime, and she won't be around forever, so it will be nice to have. Dad sounded excited about the idea. :) She was a kid during the roaring twenties. Cool, huh?

I was praying earlier today when I realized how many things I don't even notice to be grateful for, because I taken them completely for granted. A few examples are my brain, my metabolism, my ability to run, my eye sight, my hearing, and my health.

I've decided that of my thirteen friends who have gone on missions, only four will still be my friend when they come home.


Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Yay for Amy!

Brett Noble comes home in sixteen days. It will be fun to see how he has grown and changed. :) Danzy went out one week after Brett, so I guess he'll be home in twenty-three days. It will be . . . interesting to find out whether we'll be friends or strangers. He and Suzy would make a nice couple. That would be a happy ending. Devin called today for advice on whether he should ask Dad if he can marry Amy before he asks Amy. I told him definitely, and then he asked for Dad's cell phone number. Hmm . . . the proposal could be soon! :) How exciting.

So, I have two midterms this week, and then Grandma for the weekend. Then a paper due next week and in two weeks, another paper, two finals, switching apartments, and departing for our honeymoon. Wahoo! How exciting. :) Wish me luck for surviving the end of the term lol.