Tuesday, October 24, 2006

in case you wondered . . .

so courtney emailed me about how everything was going so I figured that hey, maybe everyone cared so here's my response:

I am just wonderful! I have bitten off a little more than I can chew, but I am surviving. The reason that I have a little extra on my plate is that I am trying to graduate in August. I think I am doing okay in school lol. I am taking seventeen credits and volunteering two and a half hours a week. I also work twenty hours a week. I'm kind of busy, but that's okay. It is different doing school while being married though. It's not the same as when you're dating. You don't get to say "hey I have homework I have to go home" lol you're always home and he's always there too. So you have to learn how to still get stuff done. :) It is also different because dinner has gone from a five-minute-ramen-meal to actually having to cook something of substance. We usually take turns because we're both busy, but he gets home two hours later than I do most days so I usually end up making it unless I have an absolutely terrific amount of homework. I kind of wish I had already experimented and figured out how to cook things. Oh well, at least I am really good at following directions on recipes! :)

Jeff is doing great. He doesn't really like most of his classes, but after this semester he'll be able to apply to his major, which he does like, and I have a feeling he will enjoy his classes a lot more one he's taking classes that he cares about. :)

Work is great. My supervisor is resigning so it will be interesting to have my "superior" know less than me. :) I keep receiving emails about editing openings that I will be eligible for after this semester so that's exciting. I seriously get weekly emails about openings. I got one today where they are going to pay eleven dollars an hour, which is awesome compared to the $8.30 I am making now. The plan is to keep this job for at least the rest of this semester and then next semester I am going to volunteer on a journal as an editor and if I am able to I am going to keep this job still. Then in May I am going to quit this job and do an editing internship somewhere and then in Augsut I'll graduate and get a real job somewhere. I'm kind of excited.
Then maybe a year or two later I might start having kids! I'm really excited lol.

You're lucky that you have a fall break! BYU fits three semester equivalents in a year so we don't get a fall break or a spring break. Thanksgiving break will be really nice because it's basically all we get this semester!

My family is doing alright. Peter is applying for jobs all over the country looking to make more money. Danny just lost his job at Radio Shack because he told them he wouldn't work after Christmas because he wanted to go to Amy's wedding. Sad. Peter still is at IUPUI and Danny is attending a community college in Detroit. Amy graduates in December (the 16th maybe? whenever the Saturday near that date is) and then gets married on December 28th in Nauvoo, Illinois. It is beautiful there! Her reception is on Decemeber 29th in Lafayette. I had better see a carpool of my Muncie friends there! ;) It is going to be very casual. My mom is very busy. She has three "callings" at church (like... jobs kind of). My dad is doing pretty well. His face is healed from the surgery; although, he will have a scar on his face/neck/ear area. He starts radiation in about a week and a half. He's very cheerful about his outlook. He's really lucky with the kind of cancer he did get. The only fear is that his cancer is so slow-growing that the radiation won't even notice it and might kill other things instead, which is not preferred! But slow-growing cancer is better than wide-spread, fast-growing cancer anyday!