Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sneaky, Funny Jill

Two days ago, Jeff came home from work and asked Jill if she would like a toddler bed. We had been planning on getting her one after Christmas, but then Daniel came the first week of January and changed our world. :) So, we looked online and then went off to the store and purchased a beautiful toddler bed and mattress. It was slightly more difficult to make than we had expected, but it is all assembled and looks great.

Jill was very proud of the bed that her daddy made. She has told me many times that her daddy made it. She likes playing on it, sitting on it, putting her dollies on it, etc. However, she does not seem to like sleeping in it.

The first night she left the room a few times, ready to party. Once she could no longer open her door to leave, there were a lot of tears, and eventually Jeff went in and put her back in her crib.

Last night, she did not cry very long, so I foolishly thought she had gotten used to her new bed.


When I went in to get her this morning, she was back in her crib. She had hiked herself up and climbed in.

Her crib can turn into a toddler bed, but we had wanted to use it as a crib for Daniel. Perhaps we will end up returning her new, beautiful toddler bed and just buying a new crib instead and turn Jill's crib into a toddler bed. Sigh.

I have not fed Jill breakfast yet this morning, because I'm a bad mommy and wanted to blog really quickly. So, she's drinking her milk and eating a few goldfish crackers. She finished her milk, and I asked her if she wanted more milk. She wouldn't say. She just kept talking about her birdhouse that, yes, her daddy made. (She is pretty impressed by him.) (So am I.) :D

So, slightly exasperated, I told her to just say "yes or no." Just say "yes or no" if you want milk. She looked at me and said "yes o no." Hahaha. She doesn't seem to grasp the "or" concept, but she did do what I wanted. I told her to say that id=f she wanted milk, so I decided she must want it. (And turns out she did.)

It is often funny how literal children are.

In the picture of Jill above, she is wearing a skirt and shirt that her bunny (GranB) made her. My mom also made the purse. The purse matches one that my mom made me a few years ago, and she had leftover fabric. Cute, huh? :)

And here is a picture of Daniel on his blessing day. He is wearing the same outfit that his daddy wore when Jeff was blessed. (In my church, babies receive a name and a blessing.)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big Sister Mode

Jill loves playing with Daniel. She still has a few things to learn though. Like that she's not strong enough to pick him up on her own. And that no one likes having one's face poked with fingers. And that Daniel's face is not cold.

She loves to make sure that he has a blanket. Or two. Or every blanket she can find. I have to keep an eye on him, because despite a few discussions, she thinks his face needs to be covered.

When he cries, she is very sweet. She says "Danny sad." And then she usually gives him a kiss.

"Danny" is usually the first word she says upon waking up from a nap or in the morning. She then looks for him in his various sleeping spots (bassinet, swing, bouncer, etc.).

Jill is constantly trying to share her food with him. And hug him. She has, thankfully, only tried to pick him up a few times. Those moments are always exciting.

All in all, she seems to really love being a big sister.

I love it when she calls him "Little Buddy."

Onto a different subject. Lying is bad. Ha. Jill became pretty sick while we were visiting my sister in Nebraska. So, I told her that acetaminophen for children was candy. I'm such a bad mommy! It worked great though. She loved that cherry or grape flavored medicine.

Little Buddy has some sort of internal issue. About five times a day after eating he seems to have pain. And he makes all sorts of weird noises: choking, hiccoughing, gagging, grunting noises. The doctor suggested it may be acid reflux bothering him. So, we're currently trying a medicine for that.

Medicine in a little bottle that I feed Daniel with a little medicine syringe . . . just like Jill's "candy." She's convinced I'm giving her little brother candy and lots of it.


Lying doesn't pay off. It's amazing how well she can remember sometimes.

And how poorly she can remember other times.

Jeff and I made some salsa and guacamole this weekend. Jeff went to the grocery store and the Latino market and came back with three avocados, as well as other ingredients. At least, we thought he did. We could have sworn he did. He knew he bought two. Did the cashier forget to give him one? No, we both remember seeing three. Was one in the car? Checked there twice. He accused me of losing it. I accused him of losing it. And we both asked Jill many, many times what she did with it.

The avocado was finally located. Inside the little kitty cube where Cosmo likes to sleep. Jill seemingly had no memory of putting it there.

This isn't the first time she has "hidden" items. She can never remember where she has put them. But when it is something like her binkie or her bottle, she can always find where she left it. Ha. I guess she just takes the time to remember important things. Like that medicine is actually candy . . .

And to close things out, two pictures from our trip.

I am putting the rest of the pictures on facebook. However, if you want other pictures of Jill and Daniel from the past two weeks, go to their aunts' blogs: Rachel, Amy, and another one from Amy. Jill has has lots of fun with some of her cousins recently.

Daniel was not a fan of the swimming pool.

Jill was. And she's a big fan of Bunny and Puppy.
(They used to be GranB and Pappy, but haha she's changed that!)