Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Feed the Birds

Today I couldn't get Gordon to nap. I could think of so many things I needed to, and none of them involved having him be awake. I love him, LOVE him, so much, but I just really needed some time without him. He disagreed.

I finally left him screaming in his crib and shut the door. I collapsed on the floor next to his bedroom and put my head in my hands. I could hear his screams through the wall. Within seconds of sitting down, my arms were again full. Alice had been waiting for me to finish with Gordon, and she was ready for her turn. She climbed onto my lap, hugged me, and told me that Gordon was sad.

I squeezed her tight and agreed. I asked her what we should do about that, and she announced that we should go get him.

So we did.

I still had so much to do and was so tired, but now Gordon wouldn't even play by himself, because he was so upset about the ordeal of being left in his crib awake. So I got to still not accomplish my tasks. But I got to hold him.

And he hugs now. Instead of just being held, he now wraps his chubby little arms around your neck and he hugs tight. If he really loves you, he'll also slobber on your face in an attempt to kiss you.

So there's a mess in literally every room in my house.

And the sink is full of dirty dishes.

And there are mounds of clean laundry to fold.

And I have so many things to get done before this weekend.

But soon, Gordon's arms won't be little and chubby. And before I can even blink, he'll have mastered kissing my cheek without covering me in slobber.

Soon Alice won't care whether I'm with Gordon or not, because she'll be texting her friends or at soccer practice.

So for now, I'll remember to enjoy it. And perhaps not get very much sleep tonight. And maybe get a babysitter on Friday for a few hours, so I can accomplish something . . .

Later in the day, I woke up the computer, opened my web browser, and saw this video on my home page. I simultaneously love, relate, and am exhausted by this video, but all things considered it is pretty special and wonderful to be a mom.

And if you have thirty minutes, I enjoyed this BBC segment on the song "Feed the Birds" from Mary Poppins: BBC: Feed the Birds.

My two littles

And there's the doorbell. My two "bigs" are home now, too. Full house!

Monday, May 2, 2016

And it's already May

I've been asked a lot these past few months whether I'm excited about Gabon, whether I've started studying French, what schools the kids will go to, etc. And I keep thinking, yes, no, and I don't know! Gabon still feels so far away (and it is still over a year away), but while Gabon still feels far away, the end of Mexico is marching closer and closer. It's already May! I am determined to stay focused on Mexico until we are actually gone. I still go to Spanish class twice a week to improve my Spanish, and we're still fully engaged at church and school. I have six months in Virginia to think about Gabon, French, and schools. Speaking of Virginia, we think we will get placed near the Ballston area, but we won't know for sure until December.

Jill turned 7!

I am super happy about having a seven year old! Through the years, I've observed my friends and their kids, and I have been under the impression that the years seven through twelve are kind of this glorious time when your kids aren't so small and needy, but they still think you're cool and like to be with you, and now they are more reasonable and can talk to you. I've been looking forward to it, and now it's here for Jill, and it's fantastic! I love the girl she's grown into.

Mexico celebrated Children's Day on April 30. The school celebrated all week long. Monday was crazy clothes day (inside out or backwards), Tuesday was crazy hair day (as pictured below), and Wednesday was crazy face day (crazy makeup or face paint). Thursday was an all-out celebration: the kids could bring their bicycles, scooters, etc. to school, and they just played games all day. Friday there was no school. I said this last year, but I really like Children's Day. It's kind of like all of the children in the country are celebrating their birthday at the same time, in that it's a big party for all.

I walked into the living room the other day to find this. I said, "Alice, why did you do that?" Alice replied, "I not being a nice girl, Mommy." Well, at least she's honest!

This boy LOVES all things athletic. I don't know if he's just mimicking his older siblings, or if he really does love sports way more than any of my other kids did at his age, but it's very cute either way.  (Thanks for the photo, Christy.)

We celebrated ten years last week by going to UTEP to see "Fiddler on the Roof." The actor playing Tevye was amazing. The whole production was well done. As I watched the performance, I kept wondering whether Jewish people minded the play and how sad it was that the same story has been played out over and over and over again. In the play, the Jews are forced to leave their homes by the Russian police. Why is that storyline still being played out??

Ten Years!!

This was the face I got when I told Alice that there were no "galletas" in the house.

I already put this on facebook, but I really, really love it when all of my kids play together happily. In this particular instance, Daniel had Batman, Gordon had Captain America, Jill had Barbie and Queen Elinor, and Alice had Ariel. All of the dolls and superheroes were very busy saving the world and having crushes on each other. It was very fun.

The other day in the car, Jill and I were talking about death. She suddenly said, "Mom, when you die, I hope you have your phone in your hand." My thought raced to "does she think I'm going to die texting while driving??" So I said, "Why do you say that, sweetie?" Jill replied, "Because if you have your phone, you can text me from heaven." Awww. I thought that was sweet. Too bad it doesn't work that way!!

A few days ago, I was doing laundry. I returned to the laundry room and found Daniel inside the dryer. He saw me and said, "Mom, I can't get it to spin!" My response, "Have you gotten it to spin before?!" He said, "Yeah. Hmm. Oh! Maybe it only works when the door is shut!" Apparently he and Jill have put each other in the dryer before, and then they walk like hamsters in a ball and make the inside spin. That can't be good for the dryer. Surely they are too heavy or something.

That's life for me right now. Mimi, out! (I love that President Obama dropped the mic at his speech during the White House Correspondents' Dinner.)