Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Feed the Birds

Today I couldn't get Gordon to nap. I could think of so many things I needed to, and none of them involved having him be awake. I love him, LOVE him, so much, but I just really needed some time without him. He disagreed.

I finally left him screaming in his crib and shut the door. I collapsed on the floor next to his bedroom and put my head in my hands. I could hear his screams through the wall. Within seconds of sitting down, my arms were again full. Alice had been waiting for me to finish with Gordon, and she was ready for her turn. She climbed onto my lap, hugged me, and told me that Gordon was sad.

I squeezed her tight and agreed. I asked her what we should do about that, and she announced that we should go get him.

So we did.

I still had so much to do and was so tired, but now Gordon wouldn't even play by himself, because he was so upset about the ordeal of being left in his crib awake. So I got to still not accomplish my tasks. But I got to hold him.

And he hugs now. Instead of just being held, he now wraps his chubby little arms around your neck and he hugs tight. If he really loves you, he'll also slobber on your face in an attempt to kiss you.

So there's a mess in literally every room in my house.

And the sink is full of dirty dishes.

And there are mounds of clean laundry to fold.

And I have so many things to get done before this weekend.

But soon, Gordon's arms won't be little and chubby. And before I can even blink, he'll have mastered kissing my cheek without covering me in slobber.

Soon Alice won't care whether I'm with Gordon or not, because she'll be texting her friends or at soccer practice.

So for now, I'll remember to enjoy it. And perhaps not get very much sleep tonight. And maybe get a babysitter on Friday for a few hours, so I can accomplish something . . .

Later in the day, I woke up the computer, opened my web browser, and saw this video on my home page. I simultaneously love, relate, and am exhausted by this video, but all things considered it is pretty special and wonderful to be a mom.

And if you have thirty minutes, I enjoyed this BBC segment on the song "Feed the Birds" from Mary Poppins: BBC: Feed the Birds.

My two littles

And there's the doorbell. My two "bigs" are home now, too. Full house!

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  1. So utterly exhausting and so utterly fulfilling. You'll miss the slobbery kisses but you'll never look back and wish you'd folded more laundry. And many things have a way of taking care of themselves well enough, even if they don't happen as you'd hoped or expected. You're doing an amazing job! Kristin


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