Friday, June 18, 2010


Let me tell you about my parents. I have a father who drove for five hours to come visit me and then promptly went to weed my flower garden. I have a mother who came into town to spend time with us only to spend her time mothering four other children as well. A father who played in the pool with my daughter while I was too nauseous to move. A mother who made dinner and fun desserts while I rested. A father who cleaned the litter box while I had a temperature over 100 degrees. A mother who got down on the floor and played while I read to the other children. A father who installed a cat door while I took a nap. A mother who drove my car around while I was too sick to drive. A father who babysat fifteen children, so I and the other women could attend a church meeting without interruptions. And I would be remiss to not mention a mother-in-law who knew I was at the park and just showed up and then left with Jill, so Jill could nap while I was at the doctor's office.

I have parents who time and time again have showed me through their actions and words that the title they cherish above all others is "parent." I have parents who have been my refuge, my sustenance, my shelter. A mother who knew when I could be left alone, because it was "just a phase." A father who showed me that he would do anything to be where I needed him. A mother who knew when I definitely could not be left alone, because I was not going to snap out of it on my own. Parents to whom I owe everything.

I strive to be that kind of parent, so Jill and our future children will be blessed like I was.

Postscript—A comment on my week: I had the opportunity to babysit four children, two cats, and a house this week. Unfortunately, I ended up getting the flu, and that pretty much wiped me out. Amidst the fever, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, I was of little use. My parents drove down from Detroit and pretty much saved me. Luckily, none of the kids nor my parents got sick. Sadly, my mother-in-law and brother-in-law did. I can only presume it was from when Jill napped at their house.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

C-A-T spells "Cat"

Newest Member of Our Family
And Jeff's current biggest surprise upon coming home from work

This currently unnamed kitten joined our family yesterday. I was at the park with Jill, and a man came up to me and asked me if I wanted a free kitten. Well . . . obviously I did.

So far Cat is pretty cute. Although he doesn't sleep as much as I remember Mandy doing, but that's probably because I don't remember much about when Mandy was a kitten, because I was little, too. I had to hold Cat and pet him until he purred himself into drowsiness last night. And then around 3:00, he decided it was time to play. And he decided again at 6:00 that it was time to play. Haha. It's exactly what I remember a eight week old being like! (He's eight weeks old.) Although, it's better, because I'm allowed to ignore his meows in the middle of the night (unlike Jill's), and I don't have to nurse him! (Although I still haven't seen him drink water despite my efforts. I have seen him eat though. Hopefully he's just drinking on the sly. We'll see.)

Jill seems to alternate between loving Cat and being jealous of the attention Jeff and I give Cat. Haha. Perhaps this will be good training for being a big sister someday!

I've tossed these names around: Yellow, Orange, Golden, Tiger, Julius, Second, Junior, Creamsicle, Sicle, Juice, Bengal, Frisky, Spazz, and George. Most of my favorite names were all girl names, but we're pretty sure Cat is a boy. Although it's a bit hard to tell when the kitten is so tiny. I think I'm liking Bengal. I do live in Cincinnati, after all.

Monday, June 7, 2010

What I didn't expect about motherhood

I am often asked by my single and/or childless friends what I did not expect about being a mother. Here is a list of some of them. Some of them I had an inkling would occur, but I didn't really understand it until it happened.
  • The necessity of sweeping the kitchen after every time Jill eats pretty much anything. If you are lax in this, even by just the time from breakfast to lunch, the ants will find the crumbs, and they will take over. (I actually even dreamt about giant ants last night.) (Luckily, our ants go away as soon as the food is gone, so that is a blessing.)
  • The difficulty of a shower. Jill cries the whole time I am in the shower. If she is outside of the bathroom, she will just cry and cry and destroy anything she can get her hands on. If she is in the bathroom, she will cry and destroy anything she can get her hands on and try to get in the shower with me. If we take a bath together, I just never feel like I get as clean. And sometimes she thinks it's an all-you-can-drink buffet. Sigh. I like to shower when Jeff is home.
  • The amount of dirty diapers babies go through. I hadn't really comprehended how many diapers there would be to change and how important diaper cream is.
  • The lack of sleep. Two nights ago, Jeff and I kept Jill up two hours past her bedtime. She was cheerful and handled it well. Until she went to sleep. Then she got me back by waking up every two hours for the whole night. Every two hours, like clock work. Granted, she is usually a lot better now, it is usually only once a night, sometimes twice, sometimes never, but when she was an infant, there was very little sleeping happening for me.
  • The fact that almost everyone loves babies and toddlers. I have never had so many strangers speak to me until I had a baby. Actually, they don't speak to me. They speak to Jill. Sometimes when I respond, they actually don't respond to me, but keep smiling at/laughing at/speaking to Jill. Awkward.
  • The self-centeredness of a child. Her world revolves around her right now. Period. End of story. I have no needs, no role other than serving her needs. She is also not very patient. I hope I do a good job of teaching her patience and that the world does not actually revolve around her.
  • The importance of planning your schedule around the baby or toddler. I know I just said that the world does not revolve around her, haha, but my world does. Food, sleep, drinking, etc. all need to happen when Jill feels the need for them. Otherwise her world and my world are not very pleasant.
  • The all encompassing desire to make her smile or laugh. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing joy shown through her face.

    Friday, June 4, 2010


    WARNING: The very end of this post contains a picture that is only for the strong and brave of heart. For example, when I loaded the picture in its largest size, I actually screamed. So, you're warned.

    Here are some videos of what we're up to these days. Okay, they're of Jill. :)

    Here's Jill eatin' some cheese and rocking in her chair. She's getting pretty good at both of those activities. :)

    If the video didn't work for you, click here!

    Here are Jeff and Jill "reading" a book.

    If the video didn't work for you, click here!

    And here is something else that has been floating around in my mind. If you remember my post from dropping glass things, then you'll remember that when I dropped the tomato juice, I was very concerned about how the tomato got on my slippers that "Jill" got me for Mothers' Day. I like them a lot. They come in very handy. Very.

    Wednesday, June 2, 2010


    I've been thinking about my hair color recently. As you probably know, I dyed it strawberry blonde a little bit ago. I did it myself, because I wanted it to be a temporary color and not have to deal with roots. The other day, a friend mentioned that the red was almost completely faded and I was back to my original color.

    That got me thinking about hair color, and I looked through some old pictures to remind myself of the various colors I've had. I've had a lot, and here is a sampling. (Please note these are old pictures, so don't be alarmed by all of the guys that are not Jeff. Ha ha.)

    The Blonde

    The Strawberry Blonde
    (I had previously thought that I had never gone strawberry blonde before, but apparently I had. Although this color was an accident—a fortuitous mix of having it bleached a few weeks after having it dyed "tropical passion.")

    The Light Red
    (Note the caption on my shirt. Haha)

    The Dark Red
    (I kicked the ball before she could block it!! buwahahaha)

    The Dark Brown

    It appears I have done most natural hair colors, except perhaps light brown. Since my hair is in that no man's land of dark blonde and light brown, perhaps I should just go all the way and dye it light brown next. Or just leave it alone. There's that, too. Hm.

    While looking for pictures of different hair colors, I found this gem.

    At first I was just looking at my hair color, but then I noticed the other things happening in this photo. Such as someone apparently just chucked a slipper at Amy's face. haha