Wednesday, June 9, 2010

C-A-T spells "Cat"

Newest Member of Our Family
And Jeff's current biggest surprise upon coming home from work

This currently unnamed kitten joined our family yesterday. I was at the park with Jill, and a man came up to me and asked me if I wanted a free kitten. Well . . . obviously I did.

So far Cat is pretty cute. Although he doesn't sleep as much as I remember Mandy doing, but that's probably because I don't remember much about when Mandy was a kitten, because I was little, too. I had to hold Cat and pet him until he purred himself into drowsiness last night. And then around 3:00, he decided it was time to play. And he decided again at 6:00 that it was time to play. Haha. It's exactly what I remember a eight week old being like! (He's eight weeks old.) Although, it's better, because I'm allowed to ignore his meows in the middle of the night (unlike Jill's), and I don't have to nurse him! (Although I still haven't seen him drink water despite my efforts. I have seen him eat though. Hopefully he's just drinking on the sly. We'll see.)

Jill seems to alternate between loving Cat and being jealous of the attention Jeff and I give Cat. Haha. Perhaps this will be good training for being a big sister someday!

I've tossed these names around: Yellow, Orange, Golden, Tiger, Julius, Second, Junior, Creamsicle, Sicle, Juice, Bengal, Frisky, Spazz, and George. Most of my favorite names were all girl names, but we're pretty sure Cat is a boy. Although it's a bit hard to tell when the kitten is so tiny. I think I'm liking Bengal. I do live in Cincinnati, after all.


  1. Cute!!! I LOVE cats. I used to have an orange kitten (with longer hair than your cat seems to have) and I named him Carrot. My mom hated the name, and insisted that we spell it Karat or Carat, like in diamond or gold weight. But, really, it was Carrot. (She should have been happy I went with Carrot, because I really wanted to name him Broccoli!)

    I like the name Creamsicle!

  2. You should name him Milo after the orange cat in "Milo and Otis." Have you ever seen that? It's one of my favorite childhood movies. :) I would totally name an orange cat Milo or a pug Otis because of it.

  3. Well you know I'm gonna love Bengal and Tiger as names, but I also really like Creamsicle and I think Junior would be cute too, given Jeff's other cat.

    I was so hoping you would blog about this soon! Can't wait to show Hallie the newest family member at Jill Bean's house!!!

  4. Fun! I like the name Tiger. If my vote even counts...

    Jill will have so much fun with her kitty companion!

  5. I have an orange cat too! They are the best. His name is Pepe. If you name *it* Bengal you can call it Benny for short. And then you can get another one and name it Jet. So Benny and the Jet. Hahahaha okay anyway have fun with your new cat.

  6. Both of our cats came to us in similar ways. I like Bengal and Juice the best. Although I think Creamsicle or Sicle is funny and creative too. Another suggestion is Tang (for the orange drink)it sounds spunky like a kitten. I felt like my kittens had helped me prepare somewhat for motherhood, too. :)

  7. i know i am a little out of the loop- but did you decide on a name for sure yet? they all sound so cute! nick says he likes julius the best. i vote spaz- especially if it fits his personality! i could have named lilly or andrew spaz for that reason ;) we had an orange cat when i was little and named it curious... just cuz it fit his personality.

  8. we are talking about getting a dog. the only thing holding us back is the no fence thing. but everyone is trying to talk me out of it saying getting a pet is just like having another baby. hehe. anyways we want to get a siberian husky... i like the name mush :)

  9. Hi! I am Jesse's sister and Sarah's sister-in-law Elizabeth! I just wanted to say I love your little kitten because mine looks just like it!!! I named mine Norm. He had about 50 names before that though. haha

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