Sunday, April 30, 2006

April 27 turns into April 28

So, Jeffrey Wells Collett and I tied the knot on Friday, April 28. Yup. Not Thursday, April 27. It's a long story . . .

I received my endowments on Tuesday, April 25, according to plan in Detroit, Michigan. It was really quite wonderful. I loved the way I felt. I'm looking forward to going again and going with Jeffrey often. It was very special to be with Mom and Dad. It was kind of like one last step as their daughter before I became Jeff's wife. It was beautiful and special. I feel very special and blessed.

Courtney threw me a beautiful bridal shower the next day (see the photos from a previous post) in Muncie, Indiana. It was great to see all of my (well some of my) high school friends again. I still can't believe I beat Chelle and Shane to the altar.

On Thursday, I left Richmond, Indiana, to drive to Columbus, Ohio, to meet Jeff and get the marriage license. I was by myself in the car, but Dad and Jeff both called me and wanted me to have someone in the car with me. So, I turned around and brought Amy. It was really nice to have her with me. She's dating a real winner right now by the way. I think they might get married!


I get to Columbus and see Jeff for the first time since Sunday. It was so wonderful to be with him again.

So, Chinh, Kevin, and Amy wait in the parking lot as Jeff and I walk across the street and go into the building to get our marriage license. I read the form and am somewhat concerned about what it said about Ohio residents. I ask Jeff about it, and he said he had asked the temple about it, and they said it was okay, because he was a Utah resident—not Ohio. So, we wait our turn in line. We're so giddy and excited—well, I was. Jeff was nervous and excited, but he said he was becoming less nervous now that we were together again.

We get up to the desk, and as soon as she sees Jeff's Cincinnati driver's license, she informs us that we have to go to Jeff's resident county to get our marriage license. You only get the license in the county you're getting married in if you are out-of-state residents (which we thought we were). We didn't have time to drive to Cincinnati, because we were getting married in three hours, and pictures were in one hour. The lady told us we could go appeal to a magistrate.

So, Jeff and I go down the stairs and wait in line to talk to the magistrate. It is our turn, and the poor guy tries to help us, but it is a tough case. Jeffrey wasn't registered to vote in Utah. His driver's license was still from Ohio, and he filed for taxes in Utah and Ohio. Apparently, where someone actually resides has nothing to do with residency.

So, Jeff and I couldn't get married—no license.

I started to cry, and Jeff got on his phone immediately to find out if the Columbus Temple could move our sealing time to the following afternoon, so we could have time to get to Cincinnati and get the license and come back (the office would already be closed by the time we could get there that evening).

Dad and Jeff were apparently inspired, because it was really nice to have Amy there.

I called Peter and told him to turn around. He was driving from Indianapolis to Columbus, and he had work the next day (it would be his second day at his new job, so I knew he couldn't get it off). I started to cry, because I was sad Peter would be there anymore. The temple got a hold of the sealer, and they said they could move our sealing to the following afternoon.

Since the photographer and everyone who had flown from Washington, Utah, Texas, and New York were there, we went to the temple and started taking pictures. Luckily, even though my make up had not withstood my tears, my face wasn't too puffy, blotchy, or red.

Then Sister Glutz called, and we learned that marriage license's in Jeff's home county came along with a five-day waiting period, because they take a blood test and wait for the results. So, Jeff and I wouldn't be able to get married before we had to fly back to Utah!

A bunch of Jeff's family's friends started calling all of the nearby states—their temples and county office buildings. It turns out that Kentucky had a five-day waiting period too, but when they heard our story and found out we were Mormon, they said they could fix us up. :) The Church is true!

So, we kept taking pictures. We didn't ahve a sealing to rush off too any longer, so we enjoyed a really nice long photo shoot. :) The Louisville Temple was called, and they said they would find a way to accommodate us and marry us at noon the next day.

So, all of a sudden my mom's entire day to get the Muncie reception ready was slimmed down to only a few hours. My sister and a bunch of Homers opted to do it all for her while she was driving and at the temple, so she could be there stress-free.

Oh yeah, and Peter called his boss who ended up being Mormon and very understanding, so he gave Peter the day off, so Peter was able to come to the wedding! :)

So, rather than have our wedding night, instead everyone went and ate at Cracker Barrel and then the select few who could still make it to the sealing traveled to Louisville, Kentucky. I slept with my mom, and Jeff slept with my brothers next door. Not how we planned on spending the evening!

Bright and early the next morning, Jeff and I headed over to the county building and got our license! All we needed was our driver's licenses. On the form we filled out, there was a question asking if you were related and a line to explain how you were. :) Jeffrey and I laughed wondering what the exceptions are. :)

Jeff and I were finally able to get married and sealed in the Louisville Kentucky Temple at 12:15pm on April 28, 2006. My brothers Dan and Peter, my parents, his parents, his grandma, and his brother Kevin, and my family friends the Rasmussens were there to witness the blessed occasion.

It was so beautiful. Jeff cried the entire ceremony, but I didn't have any tears left from the day before—I just beamed. I was so happy. I have never before felt so full of light.

Then, we all got in our cars and drove to Muncie. The reception was fun. Jeff's mom's slideshow ended up having music, so Peter our DJ coudln't play music the whole time. Mom disappeared to go pick up Beth, but she didn't tell anyone she was leaving. The receiving line took almost two hours, because people refused to stop talking and move on. By the time the line ended, people started coming up to say goodbye! The music that was played wasn't able to get very many people on their feet and dancing. When we were supposed to cut the cake all we had was a knife—no plates or napkins or server! And I forgot Jeff and I were supposed to cut it together, and I cut a piece way too big, and it started to fall, so I grabbed it and caught it in my hand. Everyone was staring at me! I didn't know what do do. Jeff got scared that I was going to shove it in his face, so he bent over and bit it. So, I bit it, too, and kept holding the rest until someone finally brought me a plate to set it in. I told everyone to stop staring at me, but they wouldn't, so I started cutting the sheet cakes. Finally, someone pulled me away and ended my misery.

The open house in Cincinnati, Ohio, was lovely. I didn't make any of the same mistakes. :) I was able to meet Amy's boyfriend, Devin Rose. They're pretty amazing together—I wouldn't be surprised if they become engaged at the end of the summer. :)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Muncie Bridal Shower

Courtney Workman threw me an absolutely fantastic bridal shower. She reserved one of the rooms in the Ball State Alumni Building and had great food and decorations, as well as fun games.

She is such a great friend! I wish I got to see her, and everyone, more often. I sure miss Muncie sometimes.

In the collage below, the first picture is the DeWitt Girls: Ashley, Michelle, and Sarah (with me in the middle).

Then we have Danielle Davis and Teresa Sabatine.

The next group picture is the posse: Courtney Workman, Briana Alexander, Michelle Boling, Emily Burton, and Michelle DeWitt.

The last two pictures are Carrie Allen, Anna Smitherman, and Ashleigh Shondell.

Some fabulous girls. :)
Not pictured, but present, were Kara and Kendra Ridge and Alison Noble. I didn't get pictures of them, because they had to leave early. Shucks. :(

Monday, April 24, 2006

almost made it!

so i finished all of my finals in record time. pretty amazing huh? i got an A on all of them except for one 69. ha i'm happy that i'm done with that class...

so today is monday. endowments on tuesday (in detroit). bridal shower and bachelorette party on wednesday (in muncie, indiana). wedding on thursday (in columbus, ohio). reception on friday (in muncie again). open house on saturday (in cincinnatti). then fly back on sunday without jeff. our parents booked our plans separately so i get back a few hours before he does. that's okay though i'll just... like sleep in the car or maybe go look at temple square or something.

i'm pretty darn excited!

i was feeling a little melancholy earlier. thinking about the upcoming changes, etc. my parents wanted to know if i had any scrapbooks i wanted on display so i was looking through all of them. the pictures of brett and aaron made me miss them. phatty . . . sigh. the pictures of reed made me sad that i lost a friend. the pictures of danzy made me feel weird to know that i could have been happy with someone other than jeff. a different kind of happy because he's a different guy. i don't believe in soulmates.

however, jeffrey is my choice and i am estactic about being his wife. i am excited about my new life. i just miss him and wish i could see him before thursday... i'm excited about thursday...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Packing Up

So, I'm packing up my stuff, removing pictures of old friends from their frames and just in general saying good bye to my old life and old friends. I just sealed my last letter to Reed. It is so painful to lose him. He's my brother—my best friend.

I love Jeff though. It's not going to be easy, and we're going to fight a lot and hurt each other sometimes, but we'll always make up at the end, because we love each other and know that what we have is worth it.

However, right now, still single, it feels as though it is tearing my heart in two to say good bye to all my friends, especially since they aren't even here. They're mostly on missions, and some are in Indiana. They need me, and I can no longer be there for them, because Jeff has to be my first priority.

How can love sometimes feel like a broken heart?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Two Major Events

Two major things happened last night.

1. Jeffrey kept trying to talk me out of marrying him. He kept saying that he doesn't treat me good enough and that I shouldn't settle for him when there are so many other guys that would make me feel as special as I am. It really freaked me out—like he wanted to end the relationship but didn't want to have to do it—he wanted to convince me to do it instead.

2. Then he almost fainted. I had a salt accident in the lasagna—it came out super fast—a lot faster than the pepper. Jeffrey still ate a lot of it though, because he didn't want me to feel bad. He wanted me to be happy, so he ate a ton, and it dehydrated him suddenly. His face became ghostly pale, and he almost fainted. That's how bad my cooking is. :)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Almost Mrs. Collett!

I'm pretty psyched about marrying Jeff. Time has really been flying. I am kind of nervous about how my finals will go since I'm pretty distracted right now. :) Jeff and I picked up our couch, love seat, mattress, and box spring today. Sister Roush is letting us store them at her house for two weeks. Her home is so beautiful. I wonder if Jeffrey and I will have a home that nice someday. Hopefully we'll be able to afford it and then go on a bunch of missions instead. :) I'm really excited about the whole mission idea someday. I always, always, always thought I would go at 21. If they allowed girls to go at 19 I would have already gone and returned. Hm.

Sunday, April 9, 2006

Time doesn't slow down!

How absolutely crazy is it that Jeff and I get married in eighteen days? I am so excited about embarking upon my new life with him. I hope I don't absolutely bomb finals because I'm too excited about everything that is going to happen right after finals! ;) I can make it!

Thursday, April 6, 2006

weird weather

okay so man. i thought the weather was flaky in upstate new york but utah has definitely taken the cake.

it was in the 70s on monday and today it has been snowing since i left my house at eight this morning. they have the little snow plows out. we're getting a lot of snow.

of course, the high for tomorrow is in the lower 60s, so this snow hopefully is temporary...

i hope it is sunny for my wedding...

i fly back to the midwest in eighteen days!

woot woot

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

23 days . . .

Life is definitely looking up! There are only 23 days left until I am Mrs. Jeffrey Collett!

I'm not gonna lie or beat around the bush... I'm psyched!

There is still so much to do though! More so with the whole moving apartments and finishing up the semester. I fly home in three Sundays. Somehow by then I have to have taken all of my finals, moved to a different apartment (that we don't have yet ha), pass the cleaning check for my old one, and yeah take all of my finals. That's really the big one - finishing up school.
Hopefully the invitations will be sent out today... good thing I already told everyone (tried to at least) the dates and times so they have already marked it on their calendars.

Finals officially go from Friday to Thursday (excluding Sunday). However I am giving myself Friday and Saturday to take them. Some I have received special permission to take them early so that's nice.

Thanks Chinh, Anna, Eric, Nicky, and Momma for visiting Jeff and I!

Sunday, April 2, 2006

Muncie General Conference

Jeff and I watched the afternoon General Conference at Brother and Sister O'Dell's house with some of my Muncie friends. Anna and Nicky had driven down from BYU-Idaho, and Paul and Amanda go to BYU-Provo already. We missed our Muncie friends who weren't there (Sarah Jackson, Al Shad, Reed McGrew, Brett Noble, Jacob Jackson, and Aaron McCullough among others), but we had a lot of fun together.

Paul McGrew getting some love from the single ladies before it's mission time. :)

There's me and mine!

Nichole Sutton, Paul McGrew, Ranelle O'Dell, Michelle Boling, Anna Clark, Amanda McCartney, and John O'Dell

Saturday, April 1, 2006

Provo Bridal Shower

My wonderful friends, Suzy Boyce and Angela Sutton, threw me a bridal shower. :) I received lots of great gifts, and lots of my wonderful friends were there. Michelle Cannon made these delicious (and beautifully decorated) chocolate covered strawberries.

MANA: Amanda McCartney, Anna Clark, Nicky Sutton, and Mimi Boling

All the beautiful girls who were there!
Back row: Mom and Suzanne Boyce
Second row: Amber Nelson, Julia Boyce, Angela Sutton, Kara Cannon, Amanda McCartney, Nicky Sutton, and me
Front row: Brooke Bellows, Lisa Boyce, Kayla Cannon, Sarah Marble, and Anna Clark