Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Two Major Events

Two major things happened last night.

1. Jeffrey kept trying to talk me out of marrying him. He kept saying that he doesn't treat me good enough and that I shouldn't settle for him when there are so many other guys that would make me feel as special as I am. It really freaked me out—like he wanted to end the relationship but didn't want to have to do it—he wanted to convince me to do it instead.

2. Then he almost fainted. I had a salt accident in the lasagna—it came out super fast—a lot faster than the pepper. Jeffrey still ate a lot of it though, because he didn't want me to feel bad. He wanted me to be happy, so he ate a ton, and it dehydrated him suddenly. His face became ghostly pale, and he almost fainted. That's how bad my cooking is. :)

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