Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Muncie Bridal Shower

Courtney Workman threw me an absolutely fantastic bridal shower. She reserved one of the rooms in the Ball State Alumni Building and had great food and decorations, as well as fun games.

She is such a great friend! I wish I got to see her, and everyone, more often. I sure miss Muncie sometimes.

In the collage below, the first picture is the DeWitt Girls: Ashley, Michelle, and Sarah (with me in the middle).

Then we have Danielle Davis and Teresa Sabatine.

The next group picture is the posse: Courtney Workman, Briana Alexander, Michelle Boling, Emily Burton, and Michelle DeWitt.

The last two pictures are Carrie Allen, Anna Smitherman, and Ashleigh Shondell.

Some fabulous girls. :)
Not pictured, but present, were Kara and Kendra Ridge and Alison Noble. I didn't get pictures of them, because they had to leave early. Shucks. :(

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