Monday, April 24, 2006

almost made it!

so i finished all of my finals in record time. pretty amazing huh? i got an A on all of them except for one 69. ha i'm happy that i'm done with that class...

so today is monday. endowments on tuesday (in detroit). bridal shower and bachelorette party on wednesday (in muncie, indiana). wedding on thursday (in columbus, ohio). reception on friday (in muncie again). open house on saturday (in cincinnatti). then fly back on sunday without jeff. our parents booked our plans separately so i get back a few hours before he does. that's okay though i'll just... like sleep in the car or maybe go look at temple square or something.

i'm pretty darn excited!

i was feeling a little melancholy earlier. thinking about the upcoming changes, etc. my parents wanted to know if i had any scrapbooks i wanted on display so i was looking through all of them. the pictures of brett and aaron made me miss them. phatty . . . sigh. the pictures of reed made me sad that i lost a friend. the pictures of danzy made me feel weird to know that i could have been happy with someone other than jeff. a different kind of happy because he's a different guy. i don't believe in soulmates.

however, jeffrey is my choice and i am estactic about being his wife. i am excited about my new life. i just miss him and wish i could see him before thursday... i'm excited about thursday...

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