Tuesday, April 4, 2006

23 days . . .

Life is definitely looking up! There are only 23 days left until I am Mrs. Jeffrey Collett!

I'm not gonna lie or beat around the bush... I'm psyched!

There is still so much to do though! More so with the whole moving apartments and finishing up the semester. I fly home in three Sundays. Somehow by then I have to have taken all of my finals, moved to a different apartment (that we don't have yet ha), pass the cleaning check for my old one, and yeah take all of my finals. That's really the big one - finishing up school.
Hopefully the invitations will be sent out today... good thing I already told everyone (tried to at least) the dates and times so they have already marked it on their calendars.

Finals officially go from Friday to Thursday (excluding Sunday). However I am giving myself Friday and Saturday to take them. Some I have received special permission to take them early so that's nice.

Thanks Chinh, Anna, Eric, Nicky, and Momma for visiting Jeff and I!

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