Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I've been thinking about my hair color recently. As you probably know, I dyed it strawberry blonde a little bit ago. I did it myself, because I wanted it to be a temporary color and not have to deal with roots. The other day, a friend mentioned that the red was almost completely faded and I was back to my original color.

That got me thinking about hair color, and I looked through some old pictures to remind myself of the various colors I've had. I've had a lot, and here is a sampling. (Please note these are old pictures, so don't be alarmed by all of the guys that are not Jeff. Ha ha.)

The Blonde

The Strawberry Blonde
(I had previously thought that I had never gone strawberry blonde before, but apparently I had. Although this color was an accident—a fortuitous mix of having it bleached a few weeks after having it dyed "tropical passion.")

The Light Red
(Note the caption on my shirt. Haha)

The Dark Red
(I kicked the ball before she could block it!! buwahahaha)

The Dark Brown

It appears I have done most natural hair colors, except perhaps light brown. Since my hair is in that no man's land of dark blonde and light brown, perhaps I should just go all the way and dye it light brown next. Or just leave it alone. There's that, too. Hm.

While looking for pictures of different hair colors, I found this gem.

At first I was just looking at my hair color, but then I noticed the other things happening in this photo. Such as someone apparently just chucked a slipper at Amy's face. haha


  1. I love the dark red! I always wanted to try it...but my hairs too dark!

  2. is that crystal our crystal?? well crystal i like the blonde on top! i like the cut- the layers- it looks so styled :)

  3. HA HA HA!!!! You know I love these blast from the past pictures (and of course, all your beautiful hair colors) but there is one boy I didn't recognize, and you know that's gonna freak me out... so who is he? I'm fairly certain you'll know which one I don't know.

    I think you should try for a nice, deep light brown. Fully commit.

  4. I am not completely sure which Crystal that is. I think it is the first time I've had a Crystal comment. I have a friend from elementary school whose name was Crystal. If it is our Crystal, then I didn't know she read my blog. :)

    Ames, I'm sure you're referring to Bruno. And you probably did meet him. He was the Brazilian foreign exchange student who lived with Jacob Nicholas for part of my senior year. You would have been at Purdue for most of it, but I'm sure you met him at some visit home.

  5. Probably did. Probably did. Um, my next question is whose sweatshirt am I wearing? I wish I had it now... it looks great. Sigh. Life was good then, eh? (Not to say it isn't now.)


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