Thursday, August 3, 2006

Just another day

I studied really hard for my grammar test today and earned a 95. :) I find out how I made out on my usage test in class tomorrow. For my final project, I've decided to interview Grandma Boling when she is here this weekend. Then I'll transcribe it and write a paper about it. It will be really interesting, because she was born in 1920. A lot has happened in her lifetime, and she won't be around forever, so it will be nice to have. Dad sounded excited about the idea. :) She was a kid during the roaring twenties. Cool, huh?

I was praying earlier today when I realized how many things I don't even notice to be grateful for, because I taken them completely for granted. A few examples are my brain, my metabolism, my ability to run, my eye sight, my hearing, and my health.

I've decided that of my thirteen friends who have gone on missions, only four will still be my friend when they come home.


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