Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bon Voyage!

(I typed up my journal entries from the honeymoon.)

So, we're checked out of our old apartment and completely moved into our new apartment. And now we're on our honeymoon! Yay! :)

Here we are (in our new apartment), but definitely ready to leave again!

I am sitting in the honeymoon suite on our cruise ship, Carnival's Inspiration. We paid a little bit of extra money to have internet access while we're on board. It will be fun to e-mail updates to our families. :)

I am sitting on a window seat looking out a porthole (our room has two) and watching the ocean pass me by. Jeff is watching a movie. We're waiting for it to be dinner time. This was such a wonderful gift from his parents. Jeff and I are really enjoying the alone time away from the pressure of work and school. Everything is really expensive on the ship (not a surprise I suppose). We had to buy a camera, because I left ours in the living room. :( We'll use it for the honeymoon, and then Jeff will sell it on eBay, so we won't lose too much money.

Jeffrey's mom had a surprise waiting for us! She had the cruise line decorate our room! :)

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