Monday, August 7, 2006

Letter from Danzy!

I am so overjoyed. I received a letter from Danzy today. He is not bitter or heartbroken. He said he gets jealous sometimes, but he has faith that God has a plan for his life that will be wonderful. He and I are going to be able to be friends, and it is not going to be horribly awkward. Isn't that wonderful? He said he was glad that I had been so honest about my previous feelings, because it gave him more hope and confidence for his future relationships. I am so glad that I did not lose a good friend that I have cared for so much. Maybe Reed will come around and be my friend again sometime. I hope Danzy and Jeff like/respect each other.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Devin proposed to Amy! He called Dad for permission and spent this weekend up in Michigan with the family. He took Amy to a restaurant on Saturday. He had a spiral notebook with a pen and the ring stuck in the spiral. He handed it to Amy, and asked her to write something. She couldn't get the pen out and finally realized that she couldn't because it was stuck on a diamond ring! I'm so happy for her. :)

I had a nice visit with Grandma. I was able to record an interview with her. We took her all around Provo and BYU. I got to show her temple square yesterday, on Sunday. I'm so glad she was able to come.

I feel so happy and free!

Oh. Sad news. My cousin Heidi and her husband, Matt, are getting divorced. They only got married in 2004. :( How sad to have something with so much potential for joy end like that.

Thinking about Reed always really hurts me inside. I'm glad I don't have to feel that way about Danzy anymore. Some day the hole Reed left in my heart will heal. Some day.

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