Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Yay for Amy!

Brett Noble comes home in sixteen days. It will be fun to see how he has grown and changed. :) Danzy went out one week after Brett, so I guess he'll be home in twenty-three days. It will be . . . interesting to find out whether we'll be friends or strangers. He and Suzy would make a nice couple. That would be a happy ending. Devin called today for advice on whether he should ask Dad if he can marry Amy before he asks Amy. I told him definitely, and then he asked for Dad's cell phone number. Hmm . . . the proposal could be soon! :) How exciting.

So, I have two midterms this week, and then Grandma for the weekend. Then a paper due next week and in two weeks, another paper, two finals, switching apartments, and departing for our honeymoon. Wahoo! How exciting. :) Wish me luck for surviving the end of the term lol.

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