Sunday, August 20, 2006

Fun Day at Sea

Jeff and I are sunbathing on the top of tha boat. It is really beautiful. Jeff wants to see a whale. :) I told him he would have to go to Maine with me if he wants to see a whale.

(Here we are dressed up for dinner.) He was a little disappointed earlier. He entered the Longest Drive contest (golf), and he lost to the winner at 245. He can usually hit over 300, but the clubs were graphite, so his farthest was only 209, or in the teens somewhere. I'm glad he got to do something golfy though, since we definitely cannot afford a golf shore excursion!

Today is Sunday. I forgot to pack scriptures. I feel kind of weird. Today hasn't been very Sabbath-like. At least I'll wear a skirt later. At least forgetting the scriptures (and the camera) is a mistake you only make once. I'll remember for our next vacation.

(Here we are in our robes on our way to the hot tubs!) I can't wait until we have kids to take on vacation with us! There are a lot of cute little kids running around with their parents. I'm jealous. Someday . . .

We got our tickets for our shore excursion today. When we're in Cozumel/Calica, we get to go to the Mayan ruins of Tulum. Tomorrow we'll be at Playa del Carmen on Grand Caymen Island. We're going to go to the beach and try our luck exploring on our own. Jeff is fluent in Spanish, so I think we'll survive.

Just Jeff and I on the boat with the ocean behind us. :)

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