Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dancing with Cinderella

Here are some pieces of my fairy tale.

Watching some March Madness

Grandma bought Jill a new dress today, and Jill was desperate to wear it. Once she put it on, she announced that she was Cinderella, and Danny was her prince. So I got him dressed up, too. Then Jeff came home from work in the middle of our game and became another prince. And, if you notice, Jeff's work clothes that day match Danny's outfit pretty exactly.

As Jeff and Jill danced, I couldn't help but think of Steven Curtis Chapman's song Cinderella. (He wrote the song after one of his daughters passed away at a young age.) It is such a beautiful song, but so sad. It made me sad when I first heard it, but since October and my niece Tabitha's passing, it has had added meaning.

So, as I watched my devoted husband dance with our vivacious daughter while our determined son was pounding the door intent to get outside, my heart was full of joy, wonder, and gratitude for what I have.

And while I bask in what I have, I am also grateful for what I have always had: I love you, Daddy.

And this is my fairy tale. While I may not get to choose to not encounter dragons or poisoned apples or evil stepsisters or goblins, I do get to choose how it ends. And I choose happily ever after.

This post felt a little incomplete without mentioning that my mom is pretty awesome, too. :)


  1. I express gratitude every day for a life that is so richly blessed, I have been surrounded all my days by a family that loved me. The memories of the past hearten me and my hopes for the future are just vast :)

    I loved your sentimental prince and princess blog and thank heavens for the next generations of princes and princesses in our lives.

    Love, Dad

  2. "I'm going to the ball... and to the temple."

    "You have to marry me. Marry me!"

    "Sorry prince"

    Classic! I wonder if I could get Devin to dance with Hallie and Hanna and Heather?

  3. You are so sweet Meems. And the pics are adorable.

  4. Jill has it right! Go Princess Jill!
    I am a blessed mom/grandma.
    Thanks for this sweet post.

  5. Love papa Boling. You and your mother as such look a likes.


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