Friday, September 2, 2011

Where did August go?

Wow. A whole month passed without a single post on my blog. It was a pretty full month though. I have over 100 photos to prove it! So, I think I'll share some of those photos with you!

Daniel attended his first baseball game. (Jill and I were there, too. It was Jill's third baseball game.) It was a Florence Freedom game instead of a Reds game, so we got to sit really close to the field! (This picture displays well the dark blue ring in Daniel's eyes. Isn't that cool? I know all eyes are darker on the outside, but I think his ring is really prominent.)

Jill has enjoyed a lot of play dates with a lot of her friends this month. Here are a few tastes.

Okay, Daniel got to have some play dates, too. A lot of Jill's friends have little siblings now. :)

We spent a lot of time with the family that Jill wishes she were born into. (Kidding.) (Maybe . . . ?)

We drove up to Michigan, and I got to be there with my brother to celebrate his 30th birthday! Happy birthday, Danny!

My nieces Emily and Tabitha

Jill, sporting Bunny's ravishing pink straw hat.

We met my dad at his office one day and then ate lunch at a really beautiful park.

Daniel had chicken pox all over. He still does. He hasn't been contagious for about two weeks now though. Apparently it just takes a really long time for all the pox (poxes?) to fade. Jill got a very, very mild case. We're assuming the vaccine she had around 12 months is what helped hers be so mild. Daniel bore the chicken pox very well. As far as I know, he didn't share it with anyone other than his sister. We have no idea where he picked it up.

Jill had a week with both of her grandmas around, and one of the activities was King's Island. Jill tells me very often now that she needs to go back again.

To top off the month, my grandmother was able to come for a visit as well. She lives in Texas, so we don't get to see her too often!

And to make things really exciting (because that's how we like it!) Jeffrey was hit by a driver who fled the scene and both of our cats got lost outside this month. We managed to find both of them, Chloe was huddled under a tarp and Cosmo was inside of a storm drain. Sigh. They were both pretty terrified. Scaredy cats! (Cosmo was missing for over a day and a half. I was getting really worried about him.)

(Jeffrey was not injured. The car was though. $3,200 worth of injuries. Yay for insurance!)


  1. Good Memories! I had fun seeing so much of you in August. The pink straw hat is like those pants (Something about a book of a sisterhood of the pants)that fit everybody and make every body feel and look good. I think the hat may be charmed in the same way.

  2. Emily sure had fun playing with Jill for a week. And Tabitha will have lots of fun with Daniel next week. When they can finally give each other cleaver nick names and plot how to take over the world.

  3. Love all the pictures! And, as much as I loved Buzz Buzz the Bee, I was so excited to see a new post. Just a few more hours and we'll all be dancing together!!!

  4. Thanks, Mimi. It's great to hear how things are going "down South." We have enjoyed several days of "over 100 degrees". We don't know how you guys survived it, but we're happy that you did. We're happy that only the car was damaged. They cost a lot to repair, but drivers and passengers are more fragile than cars, and repairs to them are not inexpensive. Grandma and I have had the impression that we are the only members of our family to have experienced meeting with a dump truck sliding on ice, an out of control Greyhound bus, and a Chicago taxi with a driver from some country where they didn't understand red lights on traffic signals. We've "totaled" more than our share of automobiles. (None where we were at fault.) The one who has been riding with us has been very helpful.(We think, much more than a St. Christopher doll would have been.) Love, grandpa H.

  5. wow i cant believe someone hit jeff and ran off! thats horrible! glad he is ok.
    i cant believe a whole month went by and we didnt have a single play date. im a bummer friend. im sorry.
    dannys eyes are beautiful, and jills smile is to die for.
    thanks so much for updating finally! please do so again soon :)

  6. Isn't it crazy how busy a month can get? Your August looked like so much fun! Minus Danny being sick; none of you probably enjoyed that. I'm glad he's feeling better, though, and that you have insurance for your car and managed to find your cats. :) xoxo


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