Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Boling Baby

The new Boling grandchild will be a . . . 

*drum roll please*

click here to find out on my sister's blog!

Oh, and in case you don't know and didn't notice in the preceding pictures:
 the current tally of grandbabies in our family is 8 girls and 1 boy.


  1. ha ha ha, AWESOME post. It's really incredible, isn't it? I mean, you really almost feel like it just isn't possible. Daniel will certainly be comfortable with girls as he grows up.

  2. OH and did I already tell you, but I LOVE that Hallie is ALWAYS by the youngest babies in the pictures we take? She's a good little mommy.

  3. Haha. And in the one picture, she even has BOTH babies on each side of her. She is a good little mommy. :)

  4. O congratulations! Another niece how fun! Plus considering how close they are in age they will all be the best of friends!
    I'm so glad you posted again so soon- I love seeing you on here :)

  5. Fun! Another girl! Congrats Amy! And I love the whole "H" thing you have going. I never thought about it but there are a lot of really cute girl names that start with H! Now if you could just send some of those girl vibes over to the Bellows. We've got 5 boys- 6 if you count my brother's baby!


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