Sunday, April 5, 2009


One, General Conference was wonderful, but that is already taking up eight pages in my real journal, so I'm not going to get into it too much here. Basically, I love how hopeful I always feel after General Conference, and how the general authorities and other disciples always manage to say things that don't depress me but instead fire me up to be better. That's a tricky thing to do, and I think they must accomplish it through the Spirit.

On other news, one of my best friends from back home came down for Conference. She and her husband live up in Rexburg now, and they had tickets. It was super fun to see her again, and we enjoyed (even if our husbands did not) looking through old pictures and scrapbooks. Jeff and I introduced them to the joys of Costa Vida, and they liked it as much as we do. :) They were here for priesthood session and Sunday morning session.

Alan and Nicky Nightingale with Mimi and Jeff Collett

Can I just say that Jeff looks so cute in this picture?

Also at our house this morning was Kenny Rose, my sister's brother-in-law. I didn't get a picture with him, which is a shame. He is a wonderful guy. My sister definitely married into a nice family.

On another note, on Monday, Jeff and I went in for our 34-week ultrasound. Jill's lookin' good! here you can see her face. She's already dropped, and her head is facing my back, so that's pretty ideal. The technician said she was about 5 pounds and that she had some hair on her head. I have no idea how the ultrasound technician could see hair, but I am impressed she could.


  1. I love, love LOVE this post! Jill looks adorable, you look adorable, and yes, even Jeff looks adorable! You are finally fitting in that shirt and you look so cute! I can't believe you're gonna be a momma in just 32 short days! I can't wait! I was just looking at tickets for May... I can't wait to see you!

  2. You look so beautiful! And so does Nicky. I bet that was so great to get to see her again. Give Jill a little pat for me!

  3. I'm glad that Jill is still definitely Jill and you didn't get a surprise at this ultrasound! My friend had a baby last month and thought she was having a girl but got the surprise of a lifetime when she came out as a he! And congrats on the job leads, keep up posted.

  4. lol, I SO cannot tell what's what in Jill's ultrasound. Sorry! Hopefully I'll have better luck when she's out of the womb. I love how cute your tummy is in the pic with Nicky! That's so cool that you got to hang out. Miss you!


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