Thursday, April 16, 2009


So, we've been having beautiful spring weather, but being Utah, the snow isn't quite done yet. :) We went from nice 60 degree weather to lots and lots of snow. I don't mind a bit of snow in the spring, but this snowfall made me sad. Many trees and plants had decided that spring was here "for real" and were all gussied up in their finest. Well, they couldn't handle the snow. Some trees fell over, and many of the rest had to have branches cut down.

The apartment complex next to mine has a four or five beautiful trees lining the street. The trees had already budded and were decorated with beautiful light pink flowers. The smell was absolutely amazing!

Then the snow came and killed the flowers. Now the trees are prematurely dark maroon, like they are in the autumn, and the amazing smell is gone.



  1. We heard about that snow -- but the temperature rebounded quickly, I understand. But in Michigan, it is still acting like winter. Hopefully, we too can soon have spring, nice temperatures, and flowers.

  2. It's so sad when it does that! We haven't really felt like spring here until this week either, and hopefully it's here to stay now!


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