Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jill Updates

April 26: Still at the hospital, but lookin' good with my cute bow!
We got to come home on Monday, April 27. Jill is doing great, and Mimi has four prescriptions from the doctor, so surely she will be doing super great soon!

April 27: Look at these cute outfits they keep putting me in!

April 28: I am going to be a professional boxer. Look at my fancy gloves!
Tuesday, April 28, Jill went to her first doctor's appointment. We love the pediatrician. (Thanks for the recommendation, Annicka!) Unfortunately, she's down from her birth rate of 6 pounds 11 ounces all the way to 5 pounds 15 ounces. We've got a little light weight on our hands. We'll be going back in on Thursday to check and see if she has gained any more weight. She was still in the high risk zone for jaundice, so we'll check that again, too.

April 28: All ready in the car seat to go to her first doctor's appointment.
Still April 28: She is an unusually good sleeper. Well, I don't really know, because she's my first newborn, but we have to keep waking her up to eat. I really thought it would be the other way around. Unfortunately, when we have to wake her up, she does not eat very well and then takes a long time to fall back asleep. Everyone is much happier when she wakes up hungry, gobbles some food, and then goes back to sleep. This night, I woke her up at 1:00 am and was not able to get her to go back to sleep until around 4:30 am. I fed her three times. Sigh. I hope she's heavier at her next check up!

April 29: Just try and make me go to sleep after you were silly enough to wake me up!
Today we had her levels checked again, and she is out of the high risk zone for jaundice, so that is good news. We gave her a bath this morning (first time we've attempted it). She was not a big fan of the sponge bath. She didn't cry at all during the second half though, when she was wrapped in a towel and we were just washing her hair. The highlight for me was when Jeff was toweling her off in between, but she kept feeling more wet . . . or at least he did. She peed on him. ;) I'm counting that as one of her wet diapers for the day. Hehe.


  1. Those little outfits are too cute!! You have a package in the mail from me, but nothing that will fit her for some time. Those nights when they won't go back to sleep are sooooo hard! You'll be so great though.

  2. Yea! I am so happy for the update! I love all the pictures! She is one beautiful baby! Everything sounds like it is going great! I can't believe you were able to pack a whole room with a three day old baby! You go girl! I am so happy Jill doesn't have jaundice! How lucky!


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