Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Eggs

We had a rainy day today, which was nice, because rain always makes me think of home. It's doesn't rain all the time or anything in Indiana, but it sure rains way more than it does out here, so I associate it with home. Some of the trees on my street are in bloom with these beautiful pink blossoms, and they were lovely to see. Thank you, rain!

The first four or so hours of the day were spent at the computer lab on campus while Jeff worked on homework and group projects. I worked on a family history project that I've been working on since 2007. Sigh. I always pick such large projects for myself! Slowly but surely, I'm trucking along though. :)

I took a typing test for fun, and my lowest speed was 87 and my highest was 112. I got a lot higher when I took the test that had fewer punctuation marks and when I lowered my chair. I type a lot faster when my hands aren't elevated. Anyway, I guess I could have a future as some sort of typist/transcriber if I ever wanted to get out of the editing arena.

I made deviled eggs again, much more confidently this time and took them to the ward picnic that we had in the Relief Society room because of the rain. It was lots of fun, and I enjoyed catching up. I spent most of the time talking to the people who sat at my table, which was wonderful, but I wish I could have mingled more, because there's not really time at Church to talk to people, so I need to use these activities to their fullest potential. :)

Then Jeff and I went over to the Nays' house to decorate Easter eggs. That was lots of fun. I'm not sure when the last time I did that was, but I'm pretty sure it was a really, really long time ago. I know I did it when I was 11, because I have a picture of it. Other than that, it's pretty foggy. :)

Chelsea and Riley Nay, our lovely hosts

Jeff and I. Jeff was very impressed with his Easter bunny, with good reason. You have to draw it with a "magic crayon," so you can't see what you've already drawn and you just have to guess/remember where you marked the lines.

Our four eggs. Jeff's bunny, my love egg, Jeff's with "cracks," and mine with dots. :)


  1. The Easter bunny is quite impressive. Way to go Jeff. I really like the polka dot one. It is very classic Easter egg looking. This post made me want to eat one of your deviled eggs... yum!

  2. Was that time we did the eggs with the Haynies? That's the time I remember.

  3. Yeah, that's the time I'm talkin' about. :)

  4. Cute eggs! I haven't made eggs in a long time!


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