Saturday, April 4, 2009

Iowa Supreme Court

Iowa Supreme Court judges have unanimously made same-sex marriage legal. The people of Iowa will not be able to vote on the issue until 2012. I disagree with judges making laws, especially ones of such a nature. Judges should make rulings based on existing laws and let the people's majority make the laws. I realize that judges have made many rulings that I agree with, but still, I think voting should make laws, not court cases. Especially in situations like this, where the public is so divided.

This again shows me the importance of states making actual amendments to their constitutions that define marriage as between man and woman. Anyone who thinks that it will never happen in their state and it isn't necessary to add that amendment should have a wake up call, that it can and most likely will happen. The conservative majority cannot continue in denial, thinking that these things will never happen to them, where they live, in their states. The minority is much louder than us, and we ignore them, and this is what happens.

On other news, the UN is currently considering documents that could potentially be very damaging to traditional families and children. It is, of course, being pushed as something that benefits women.

The document references "sexual rights," but never actually defines what sexual rights are, so liberal members of the UN will be able to in the future use this document to support their agendas for homosexuality, prostitution, pornography, etc.

This link has further information and a way to easily e-mail 47 UN members, President Obama, and the Mexican president. You can use their scripted message or replace it with one of your own.

Please help defend the family.

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