Friday, April 24, 2009

Done and Done

This has been quite a week for the fam. I am finished with work now. I have enjoyed working where I did since 2007, so it is kind of weird to be done. Jeff, on the other hand, completed his first term at BYU in 2001, so it is really weird . . . exhilarating . . . wonderful for him to be done. :)

Now, I'm sitting at home, and he's off at work. Things have worked out quite nicely for us. He has had a student internship with the church since January of last year, and they are letting him stay on now, even though he isn't a student, until we move. Very, very convenient.

I am supposed to be packing, but Jeffrey is all concerned and thinks I should be on bed rest, so he kept all the boxes in the car that he drove to Salt Lake this morning (that's where his office is).

So . . . no packing.

I did finish writing all my thank you cards though! Forty-seven in total. Jeff and I have been very blessed by the generosity of our friends. I was thrown three baby showers, and then people that didn't live nearby have been mailing us things as well. We are so grateful for the love and support our friends have shown us.

You may be wondering why Jeff thinks I should be on bed rest. Well, I went to the doctor today, and he saw some signs that made the doctor a little concerned about toxemia/preeclampsia. Now, I am not diagnosed with it, so please don't start worrying. I just have some of the signs: elevated blood pressure, protein in the urine, intense swelling, and intense heartburn/reflux. So, instead of coming back in a week, he's having me go back in on Monday. If my blood pressure has continued to go up, then we'll schedule to have labor induced. If my blood pressure stays the same, then no worries, and I'll see the doctor again three days later.

You may want to stop reading if medical/pregnancy things constitute too much information for you. :)
Good news, when the doctor checked my cervix, he could feel her head. So, we already knew she was dropped, but now we know she is very, very dropped. :) Hehe. My cervix has thinned out quite a bit since the last visit, but I'm pretty much not dilated at all.

If you're wondering how far along I am, my ultrasound due date is May 8, and my menstrual cycle is May 1. Which do we trust? It's hard to know. I've always gone with May 8, so I don't have to be as disappointed if May 1 comes and goes without a baby.

With this talk of induction though, Jeff and I are getting kind of excited about the idea of an April baby. Is it bad to be excited when the cause is that I am not as healthy as I could be? Haha. We're so eager to have baby Jill here!

I took these pictures yesterday and today. I wanted to share some of the spring beauty with you.

And on a side note, go Jazz! :)


  1. My oh my! How much can change in a week! I am really grateful that you made your visit when you did! Congrats on being done with work! It is a weird feeling. And congrats to Jeff for being done with school! That is a GREAT feeling! All this talk of induction is getting me really excited too! I will be on pins and needles all Monday for you! Make sure to keep us updated! :)

  2. You've got 13 days left if your date is actually the 8th. You are more than welcome to want your baby out now. You have waited long enough.

    I remember having the "talk" with Aidan. "Okay, honey, you can come ANYTIME you want, now that you're past the 37 week mark. PLEEEZE come soon!"

    He listened! 4 days early! :)

  3. Hi Mimi--
    hope you're doing okay--please call if you need anything!

  4. Hey so I just saw that you still have the Jill one up. I'm so glad Jeff took those boxes. That's the last thing you should have been doing that day! Also, it's so funny how we can plan and plan our lives... and then in the end being flexible is all we can really do!

  5. Oh and I'm lovin the spring pics!


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