Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today's been wonderful. The talks and musical numbers in Church (especially Chase's song) really touched me. Easter is such a wonderful, beautiful time. Easter Sunday is. The days before Easter are quite sad to think about, but wow. Easter. Christ lives. He died and lives.

Jeff and I have enjoyed the new Mormon Messages YouTube channel, and Jeff saw this morning that Elder Holland's Conference talk has been turned into an Easter message. It is a wonderful video. So, please enjoy this Easter message.

Jason (Jeff's brother) and his wife, Amy, came over for Easter dinner today. Jeff and I provided the ham, mashed potatoes, and pasta egg salad. We turned our cute Easter eggs from the blog post before into a salad. Haha. I have never had pasta and hard boiled eggs in the same salad before, but it was actually really, really good. We found the recipe on some Australian cooking website. I wonder if it's common there. We didn't actually use the recipe, because we didn't have all the ingredients and don't know what one of them is, but we were encouraged that pasta and hard boiled egg salad existed, so we made the sauce part it had and just added peas. Yum!

Another first for us was the mashed potatoes. We've made them from scratch with real potatoes and with the flakes, but we've never used Potato Pearls before. We did today, and I was amazed. They taste great (I think), and they're so fast! They seem like an excellent food storage item to have. You only have to add hot water. I wonder how nutritional they are, and if they are a good idea for food storage. I guess it might be hard to have hot water in a real disaster, but if it's just poverty or a lost job that I'm using my food storage for, I'll still have means to get hot water, I assume.

Jason and Amy provided corn and two absolutely amazing pies. I had to take pictures.

Jason and Amy

And their amazing pies: strawberry and apple.


  1. Thanks for posting the video. I remember Peter yelling particularly loudly during this talk, so it was nice to hear some of the words in a more quiet setting. It's also nice to see YouTube utilized for something a little more redeeming than its typical fair. Happy Easter, Mimi!

  2. haha. potato pearls. love 'em. glad you could use them. I can't wait to see you. the end.

  3. Sounds like a delicious Easter dinner! (The first time I typed that I skipped the 's' in Easter, so it said "Eater dinner"... which also seems kind of appropriate.) :)

  4. egg and pasta salad is really good! i like to add celery :o)

    and potato pearls are great--it's all my mom ever uses anymore. as for food storage, they just changed the info for potato pearls because the butter that's pre-added doesn't last as long as they originally thought. i think the expiration time is now a year or maybe two, but hey--still worth it!

    if you're looking into food storage stuff you actually LIKE to eat, i also recommend the refried beans, as they taste good and are easy to make.

  5. Oh, I love pie! Those pictures made me very hungry. I'm glad you had a great Easter! :)


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