Saturday, October 31, 2009


Well, Jill has made it through her first Halloween. :) It was a lot of fun. She, obviously, had no idea what was going on, but I'm looking forward to how much she'll enjoy it next year. She wore the clown costume that her daddy wore for his first Halloween.

I had my first taste of Collett Halloween. When Jeff was growing up, everyone on the block would congregate at one of the houses and have a party in the driveway, passing out candy to people who came, eating food, and luring trick-or-treaters into their haunted house. The haunted house was added when the kids started getting too old for trick-or-treating, so Jeff and the others his age would create one in the garage or driveway and then have a lot of fun scaring the little kids who came by.

I only got a taste of the glory days as most of their old friends have moved away from the neighborhood (Jeff's parents have been in this house for over 20 years), but people from two other families came by, and it was a lot of fun. I did enjoy seeing all the kids in their costumes that came by for candy. My favorites were a skunk and a gingerbread man. Very authentic costumes.

Laurie would always wait until the kids said "trick or treat" before she would give them candy. So, sometimes she would just stand there waiting. One or two kids thought she wasn't going to give them any, so they started to turn away. Some when Laurie would say "what do you say?" would say "thank you" instead of "trick or treat." That was pretty cute. Polite kids. Hehe :)

What's this you say? Halloween? Okay. I can handle it.

I spoke too soon. I can't handle it!!

Okay, I guess it's not too bad . . .

Whew. I'm exhausted. It's hard work being that cute!

But look how cute I was while I lasted!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A taste of Halloween

Halloween is coming!

Her shirt says "So cute it's scary." I thought it said "Too cute to be scary." If I ever decided to make a T-shirt for her for Halloween, I might make it say that. This outfit has super cute polka dot pants, too.

Jeff and I were still sick, but she went to the Halloween party at church with her grandparents and uncle Kyle. It seems like she had a lot of fun. It was supposed to be a trunk or treat, but it was raining, so it got moved in doors.

Playing basketball with Grandma. Or eating the basketball.
We all interpret the past differently . . . :)

Going fishing with Uncle Kyle. Or eating the string. Again, up to your personal interpretation. :)

Whew! All that Halloween fun can wear a girl out!

Apparently she slept a lot of the activity. She tried on her clown costume for actual Halloween. It looks like it will fit very well. We weren't sure if it would, because it was her daddy's costume, and for his first Halloween, he was almost a year old. It works great! Although Jill did have a full outfit underneath it, but it will be cold, so I would want her to have jammies or something underneath anyway. Good thing she's on the larger taller side of things. :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Taylor Swift is so cute! :)

And I'm pretty sure the guy in that music video is the same guy that plays the lead in Hannah Montana: The Movie. In which case, that guy's friends have got to think he's super cool. He's kissed Miley Cryus and Taylor Swift! :) Yup, it's Lucas Till.

Television for kiddos

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you might remember my post from May with an article about children and television, and now I'm going to write about that same topic again.

Disney is offering a customer satisfaction rebate on Baby Einstein DVDs right now until March 10.

Here's a link to the rebate information if you're curious: Rebate
You can mail in up to 4 Baby Einstein DVDs and exchange for Baby Einstein books or CDs, exchange for a 25% off coupon at the Disney Store online, or exchange for a $15.99 refund. You don't have to still have your receipt.

Here are two articles about it: Yahoo News and New York Times

From what I'm gathering, Disney is offering these refunds or exchanges because of the educational aspect believed for their products. Apparently after a lawsuit a few years ago, they removed any propaganda saying Baby Einstein would make your baby smarter and that it was educational, but a lot of people still believe that it will make their babies smarter. When studies are actually showing the opposite: that too much television time can give your baby attention problems.

So, now I'm curious. Does television only cause attention problems when the baby/toddler watches hour upon hour of television by himself without parental interaction? Or is it even bad when Jill sits on my lap, and she and I watch Your Baby Can Read together? We do it about four times a week for 20 minutes. Is that much bad? Or people who have their babies watch just one show while they take a shower or make dinner?

I guess I want to know how much is bad. Does anyone know of any studies that talk about that? I definitely don't want to do anything that will give Jill attention problems later on.

I've been amazed recently by how many children these days do have attention problems. I wonder if it is because of television. You know? How many kids had ADD or ADHD when our grandparents were kids? Or did they have it and were just undiagnosed? I don't know.

Jill watches some TV just because Jeff and I are watching it, and she gets attracted by the sounds and colors (I can only assume).

So, my point of this post is not to say Baby Einstein is evil. I don't think it is, and I think with moderation, it can be a tool for babies and parents to learn things like shapes and listen to classical music. But I do feel sad for parents who thought it was going to turn their babies into geniuses.

So how much TV do your kids get/did they get at different ages? How much did you watch when you were younger?

I don't even know how much I watched when I was that little. I know how much I watched when I was like 5 or 6, because I remember, but younger than that I have no memory. So, Mom, Dad, sibs . . . haha if you remember, let me know, because I turned out fine and I'm curious. ;)

I remember getting to watch Reading Rainbow, Mr. Rogers, DuckTales, and Full House. I remember the family would also watch Star Wars together. I don't really think I watched Sesame Street or Lamb Chops, but I could be wrong, because I was little.

Monday, October 26, 2009

My friend, Chris Koon!

Hey, hey, everyone! So, I have a friend from middle and high school named Chris Koon. He's always wanted to be a singer, and he's very motivated! One of our mutual friends just shared this information with me about his progress:

Chris recorded his first single called "It Girl" that released on iTunes in July and todaythe video was released on You Tube. You should check it out! :) 
You Tube Link

Also, he is pushing the song on Radio Disney. If you liked it, take a second to request it on their website.

2) Click the button that says “Can’t Find My Song/Artist.”
3) Type in Chris Koon – “It Girl” and then fill out the rest of the form.

Yay for going after your dreams! :)

Here are the lyrics.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
I remember when they introduced the new girl
Kinda shy, but kinda cool
Girls were checkin’ out everything that you did
Causin’ quite a scene
I was quiet and pretended not to notice
Tryin’ hard not to stare at you
No denyin’ what would happen in the moment
You turned and smiled at me

I remember when you told me that you liked me
And the first time that I heard you say my name
Always had a way of sneakin’ up behind me with something sweet to say

It girl, It girl
I miss the way you talk to me, talk to me, talk to me
It girl, It girl
I wish that I could get you off my mind
I don’t know why
I don’t know why you had to leave
It girl, it girl
I miss the way you talk to me, t-t-t-talk to me

Miss the way you had me feelin’ like a prince, girl
Bulletproof and super cool
And the way you used to break down my defenses just to touch my heart
Anytime I needed someone I could turn to
You’re the number I would call
Always thought that you and I’d be getting closer
Now we’re miles apart

Tell me what you went and did with all the blue skies
Tell me why did all the roses have to fade
I keep tryin, but it’s hard to see the sunrise
Since you went away

It girl, It girl
I miss the way you talk to me, talk to me, talk to me
It girl, It girl
I wish that I could get you off my mind
I don’t know why
I don’t know why you had to leave
It girl, it girl
I miss the way you talk to me, t-t-t-talk to me

Tryin’ to forget your face, your eyes
Haven’t got there yet, but I will, I will
Baby I would bet you’re missin’ me
I know you are, who wouldn’t be?
You and I were royalty

It girl, It girl
I miss the way you talk to me, talk to me, talk to me
It girl, It girl
I wish that I could get you off my mind
I don’t know why
I don’t know why you had to leave
It girl, it girl
I miss the way you talk to me, t-t-t-talk to me

I don’t know why
I don’t know why you had to leave
It girl, it girl
I miss the way you talk to me, t-t-t-talk to me

Yeah! Talk to me!
Girl . . .
Talk to me!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Love Jill's New Doctor

So, haha, Jill has been seen by five doctors now, and we have found one that we love! Jill is in the 80th for weight and height and 50th for head circumference, so she's doing pretty well. I had always thought that formula babies (on average) were larger than breastfed babies, but I have now learned that I was wrong. (That's just a side note.) Another encouraging note was that my doctor let me know that my breast milk continues to have all of the nutrients and vitamins that my baby needs, even at six months. I thought that Jill might start actually needing other food, because she's gotten older, but he said nope. In few cases, the breast milk doesn't have enough calories, but that's rare, and since Jill is as big as she is, that doesn't seem to be a problem in our case. :) So, that's wonderful news! I no longer have to feel guilty if I don't get around to giving Jill squash or rice cereal. :) I'm enough! Yay!

His name is Dr. Kroger, and he is with Pediatric Association of Mt. Carmel. They have three offices: Loveland, Eastgate, and Batavia.

He has six kids himself, so he would share experiences as a doctor and as a parent. I liked that. He also spent about 30 minutes with us, which I thought was amazing. It let me actually think of all the questions that I wanted to ask. Sometimes they're in and out in 5 minutes, and I don't remember everything I want to ask quickly enough. He was also Jeff's doctor when Jeff was a teenager, so that's pretty cool.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

I've had a lot of thoughts recently, and I'd like to try to share some of them.

My first is that if I ask the question that titles this post, then I do not fully understand God. If I ask that question, then I am making the assumption that God's role in my life is to ensure bad things don't happen.

However, I'm learning that isn't how God works.

God's role is to show me how to survive the bad things that happen. God is the reason to keep moving forward, to keep living.

Everything else might eventually fail you. Do you base your happiness on your husband? Your children? Your new car? Your career?

Well, your husband can die. Your children might grow up to hate you. Your new car can get wrecked, and you might get fired from your sweet job.

Those are all pretty bad things. Yet they happen. They happen to people every single day.

The only way to move on, to get through them, to feel joy is through God. Through having faith in Him that everything does eventually work out, that after death if we've lived righteously we will have that happy ending, that no tragedy has to overcome us.

Granted, I've never lost a husband. I've never had my children hate me. I've never even wrecked a car or gotten fired. But I hope that if or when any of those things happen, I'll remember this post. I'll keep my faith, and I will not let despair consume me.

I know that I have a Heavenly Father who listens to my prayers who loves me more than I can comprehend. I know that He will send me His Spirit to comfort me, to guide me. I know that He has sent His Son who atoned for my sins, so I can conquer spiritual death, and who died on the cross, so I can conquer physical death.

So, I must always remember to not ask why God lets bad things happen. I must be grateful every day that I will never have to face a bad thing alone. And then perhaps, after my tears are dried and my grief is subdued even if it can never completely leave, then maybe I can even find gratitude for those bad things that helped me remember that I need God and that help me appreciate the good times so much more, the good times that I've already had and remember all the more fondly and the ones that I look forward to having in the future.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Book Reviews

I was googling around (hehe) when I found this blog. It is from a woman who sponsors book reviews by other bloggers. You can scroll through her blog, reading about her life and the book reviews here and there, or you can select a genre on the left side of her blog and only read book reviews. She tries to be a source for good books without swearing, violence, and raunchiness.

I enjoy reading the reviews and getting book recommendations. You might, too!

Click this link: Homespun Light

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Great weekend :)

This weekend, Jeff and I (and Jill of course!) got to go to Indianapolis to see my family. My brother-in-law Devin ran in the Indy Marathon, so Amy and her family would be there. Danny and Pete and their families live near there, so they're already in town. I had been dreaming of getting to see Amy in October, so when I learned she would be in Indy (which is about three hours closer to me than where she lives), I couldn't pass up that opportunity.

Then, of course, when my parents heard that all of their grandchildren and children would be in one city for the weekend that was something they couldn't pass up.
So, it pretty much ended up like this . . .

The time to get there . . . about 3 hours.
The cost to drive there . . . about 50 dollars.
Seeing everyone in my family . . . priceless.

Okay, that was a bit corny, but if you're reading this, then you probably like me, and you'll put up with the corn. ;)

And there he is! The main event people! My brother-in-law is a marathon runner. I can't handle it! :) I'm mostly just really impressed. I think his time ended up being around 3 1/2 hours for the 26.2 miles. It wasn't his best time. Actually, I think it was his second worst time, but I was amazed.

Do you remember a few posts back where I mentioned that I called any race a marathon? Those days are gone. Respect for the true marathon has been born, and I will never again refer to a 5K as a marathon. I've been educated! Reformed! . . . awed, really. I can't imagine running straight for that long. I mean, back in the day, I would go to all day soccer camps and what not, but we had breaks. We would stop and huddle and listen to the coach talk. Even in track, I am positive that I have never run straight for that amount of time. I don't even think I've walked straight for that amount of time. (Been on my feet for that long, yes, but never stopping and only walking, I don't think so.)

A side note, as a plus to watching Devin run, I randomly saw one of my best friend's dads running. Wow. So, I'm 24, and I can't run that long. A 55-year old runs past me. For shame. New goal: to run a 5K. Once Jeff gets a job, I will look for runs in the vicinity of where we are moving. I should probably also start running again.

The happy Rose family

Another fun event of the weekend was going to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Wonderfully, there was free admission. What a blessing! The museum was really cool. I don't know much about art, other than the snippets that I remember from art history in college, but I really enjoyed my time there. The plaques were very informative, and the displays were incredible. They spent a lot of time and money to make the different exhibits unique and special. A highlight was the special exhibit, Sacred Spain. They were really considerate of children, too. They didn't make me feel bad about how loud Jill sounded when her babbles echoed in the large, spacious rooms. I recommend a visit if you're near.

Mom and Dad sure enjoyed their time with all the granddaughters: Hallie, Annibelle, Emily, and Jill. We're all very excited to see the new granddaughter coming soon to a city near me in January 2010! :)

Although, it will be weird for Jill not to be the littlest anymore, but hey I knew that wouldn't last. ;)

Another activity was eating lunch at Circle Centre Mall downtown and playing some mall games that Amy and Devin created for us. I hadn't been to that mall in a while, but there were some good memories of when my family had been there back in the day when we were living in good ol' Muncie.

The games were fun, and no wheelchairs were necessary! ;)
We were able to see Chelle and Shane while we were there; they were kind enough to let us crash at their place during the weekend. We also stopped by at Kevin's house on the way back to Cincy. (That's one of Jeff's brothers.)

The weekend festivities seemed to go on until Monday, when we celebrated Kyle's birthday. Laurie and Daryl treated everyone to dinner at O'Charley's. I had never eaten there before, but it was delicious. I recommend the Southwest Chicken Tacos and the Spinach and Artichoke Dip. Delicious! Everyone enjoyed what they ordered though, so I suppose you're safe with anything. :)

Earlier that day I was chatting with Laurie, and I commented on how big my baby was getting. She looked at Kyle and responded, "well look how big my baby has gotten." (Kyle just turned 17.) Sigh. Time will fly, won't it?

There are more pictures on facebook, but sadly while I got at least one picture of all the nieces, I didn't manage to get any of Rachel, Dan, or Mindee. :( It looks like I'll just have to visit again!! Thank you for your love and hospitality! :)

Jill trying to be warm.

Sweet Hallie loves her cousin Jill

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So sue me

Haha. I know. Blog overkill. Two posts in one day! But really, I just got these pictures off of my mother-in-law's camera, and they're way too cute to wait for a new day!!

I know, I know—I'm breakin' hearts like hickory nuts! ;)

This new "extra large" option for pictures is interesting. I think it only exists if you're using the new uploader instead of the old one. I switch back and forth. I like how pictures are easier with the new one, but I don't know how to do videos with it. I should read the blogger tutorials and figure it out.

Speaking of new things. Jeff and I tried to graduate Jill to a larger binkie. Her current one is size 1, for 0 to 6 months. She'll be 6 months old on the 25th, so we busted out the size 2 binkie, 6 to 12 months. She wanted nothing to do with it. It didn't soothe her or help her sleep. She kept spitting it out and was unusually fussy for the whole four or five hours we tried it on her. It's also a different brand, but I think it was the larger size that she was really rejecting. So either she likes what she is used to or her mouth isn't that much bigger yet to need a new bink. Binkie . . . binky . . . pacifier . . . soother. So many names. It's hard to google! ;)

The Scoop

So, here I am finally finishing up with what my last blog began.

Michelle and Shane Hickey came to visit us for a day. We went south of Cincinnati (actually in Kentucky) to the Creation Museum.  Shane had seen an advertisement for it and was interested. I think Jill is pretty cute holding her ticket. :)

It was definitely an interesting day. Jeff and I didn't agree with 100% everything, but the museum did a really good job of displaying its information and beliefs. It is a Christian museum, displaying the history of the world, starting with creation rather than evolution. I really enjoyed the display where they discussed the difference between evolution and natural selection.

It was a good day though and sparked a lot of conversation between Jeff and I about what we learned at the museum.

The museum also had really beautiful gardens and a fun petting zoo that Jill enjoyed!


I thought Jill's beautiful blue eyes were well captured in this picture. I think it's the sunlight that helped. The indoor pictures just make her eyes look dark.

So as you could see in the pictures above, it was a very beautiful garden. It looked great in the autumn, and I can only imagine how gorgeous it is in the spring and summer as well.

We could see where they had Christmas lights up as well, so I'm sure it's cool in the winter, too.

Unrelated to the museum trip, Jill has started eating squash once a day now. She is doing very well toward figuring out what to do with her tongue while she eats and she seems to really like the squash. I'm giving her rice cereal once a day and then half a bottle of squash later in the day. Then I breastfeed all the rest.

The petting zoo had some interesting animals. I had heard of ligers and tigons before, but I had never heard of zorses. My first thought was "wow those are really dark zebras." Then I read the sign, and yup, they weren't zebras! They were zorses.

They were very friendly. :) So a zorse has a daddy that's a zebra and a mommy that's a horse. If the parents were the opposite animals, then they would be hebras. :) There were also goats, sheep, different birds, wallabies, and a pig. Oh yeah, and a cow. Haha. Jeff held Jill up near the cow, and she grabbed its ear. Much to its surprise. :) And ours. I guess we shouldn't have been though. She sure loves to grab things these days!

(We did use a lot of sanitizer afterward. No worries!)

Oh yes, I do need to give a shout out to the museum restaurant. Jeff and I both had the Monterrey Chicken sandwich, and it was really good! It was a hot sandwich, and the bread was delicious! It was like a Panera sandwich. I thought the dressing was a bit strong, but Michelle and Jeff loved it. Shane got Cincinnati-style hot dogs like from Skyline, so he has no comment.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Just a Hint

Here is a small taste of how much fun we had today!

She is lovin' that goat!
Practically dancing for joy. :)

One of my best friends from middle and high school and her husband spent a day with us during her fall break, and we enjoyed our day in part by going to a petting zoo. I'll write more later. Jill is sobbing.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Get ready to laugh

I don't really recommend laughing at others, but hopefully these people understand it's funny and are laughing at themselves, and we can just join them . . . (to watch the videos go to my blog if you're reading this on facebook or in an e-mail:

The announcer handles that pretty well. I wonder if he even looked at the picture before he talked about it.

On this one, I'm really actually impressed. He keeps trying to advertise the product. I think that's impressive. I would probably cry, but he's still doing his job!

And this one . . . well it's just painful.

Do know, if you watch any other videos that are listed as similar, that I cannot vouch for them. I can only vouch for the ones I have seen, so watch at your own risk. It's youtube. You never know what you're going to get.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Great article

I enjoyed reading this article. Well, I enjoyed hearing another story about how it's possible to make your marriage work no matter what. But also not enjoyed, because it's a sad truth that so many marriages are ending these days.

I have been thinking about this from the other day. Sara and I went visiting teaching, and our visit teachee really stressed how important it is to be a wife first and then a mother. She talked about how tempting and easy it is to be a mother first, because your kids need you so much and love you so openly, but how your kids are here with you for only about twenty years, and then you've got your husband for many, many more (forever for me!).

Obviously, I'm not saying neglect your children, because it is your job to take care of them, but it's your husband's job, too. Let your children be something that brings you together rather than tears you apart.

I know, it's easier said than done (I assume), but it's always good to have it in the back of your mind, so you don't end up empty-nester retirees who have nothing in common with one another.

I really like how later in the article, it highlights how divorce doesn't just affect the couple divorcing. Depending on the stage of your marriage, it affects the children that you never got to have, or the children you have, or your grandchildren, or your mutual friends, or your in-laws, etc. Marriage truly never affects only two people.

Love for the Long Haul
by Mitch Temple

Note: Names have been changed

I'll never forget the counseling session with Al and Olivia. They had been high school sweethearts and, now in their mid-50s, had been married almost 35 years. Al was about to retire after 25 years at a paper mill. Olivia was a registered nurse. They had three grown children and six grandchildren.

Al sat stone-faced in the corner chair in my office. Olivia fought back tears as she explained why they were there. "Al says he doesn't love me anymore. He's found someone else."

"Al, is this the situation?" I asked.

He cleared his throat and spoke softly, "Yeah, I guess it's so."

I listened as they both explained how they put so much energy into raising kids and building careers that they forgot to love each other and nurture their marriage. After the kids moved out, Al and Olivia never discovered how to reconnect and fill the gap of an empty nest. . . .

Click here to read the rest of the article.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Another movie coming out

Okay, this movie might look a little silly, but haha I think it might be funny. :)

It has quite a cast with Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Ashley Judd, Julie Andrews, and Billy Crystal.

Oh, it's called You Can't Handle the Tooth. Or possibly, The Tooth Fairy. I'm not sure. Now that I think about it, the first might just be the slogan.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

And the videos from the past week!

This is a video of Jill on her tummy. She eventually rolls onto her back and eats her feet. She talks a little bit. Before I started video taping, she was smiling and laughing, but that of course stopped as soon as she saw the camera.

Here the amazing Daddy gets Jill to laugh. Over and over again. He's amazing—she didn't even noticed the camera!

(I believe if you are viewing this blog post on facebook or e-mail, you'll have to visit my actual blog to view the videos:

Oh sad, sad neglected blog

Hello blog! It's been a week. Wow! :)

The most exciting news is that we can feel and see the top of Jill's first tooth poking up through her gums. So little Jill has been a little unhappy this past week, but soon the pain will pay off and she'll be one step closer to chewing on food! (But hopefully not chewing on her mommy and daddy. Her pinches are already pretty painful, so I imagine chomps would be even worse!)

Our Church had General Conference this weekend. It's usually one of my favorite weekends, but I was pretty distracted this time around. Thank goodness it's on the internet and will be in the Ensign. For the first session, I had four babies over under the age of 2, and for the remaining three, I had Jill and her buddy here, Santiago. (Of course the mommies of these babies were here as well, but it's still a lot of noise and running around.) (The children are all dolls though. Love 'em!)

Jill and Santiago

Interestingly (at least to me), Santiago, when translated into English, is James. Not all names translate into something different, but for whatever reason Santiago is James. I always assumed Jaime would be James or, you know, something at least similar, but hey, I'm not in charge!

Life over all is pretty good. I think Jill will be a clown for Halloween and wear the costume her daddy wore for his very first Halloween. It's a little big on her, since Jeff was almost a year old for his (since he's a November baby), but clown costumes are okay baggy, I think.

Jeff had an interview yesterday and has another interview next week. It's always encouraging when we can find jobs to apply for. The worst weeks is when there aren't any jobs to apply for. So, yay for interviews. They're at least something to be positive about!

Of course, with a baby this cute, it's pretty easy to be positive. :)

Yeah, other than the tooth and interviews I don't really have much to report. I can't think of any funny stories right now, unless not being able to remember anything is funny. I find it frustrating and funny.

I have been reading a lot of books recently, and the others that I've been enjoying are Shannon Hale and Janette Rallison. Both are writing for the young adult group. Some of them are for high school and others for middle school aged children, but I'm enjoying both. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing research for what I want my kids to read when they're older. The books are really good though with morals that I agree with and lots of humor. I find myself actually laughing out loud, and sometimes I've sniffled a bit, too. I definitely recommend them. Start with Goose Girl or Princess Academy with the Shannon Hale books (she writes more in the fairy tale genre), and start with Just One Wish or How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-boyfriend for Janette Rallison.

Those are my recommendations at least. Do what you will with them!

Here Jill is wearing a sweater and hat made by her great-grandmother, Alice.  Alice made them when Laurie was pregnant with Jeff, before they knew the baby would be a boy. Since Laurie never had a surviving girl, they've been waiting for 27 years for a girl to wear them!

Jeff thought the hat made her look like an old school football player, and I thought it kind of looked like a fancy, old fashioned swim cap.

Either way, it keeps her ears warm!