Saturday, October 10, 2009

Get ready to laugh

I don't really recommend laughing at others, but hopefully these people understand it's funny and are laughing at themselves, and we can just join them . . . (to watch the videos go to my blog if you're reading this on facebook or in an e-mail:

The announcer handles that pretty well. I wonder if he even looked at the picture before he talked about it.

On this one, I'm really actually impressed. He keeps trying to advertise the product. I think that's impressive. I would probably cry, but he's still doing his job!

And this one . . . well it's just painful.

Do know, if you watch any other videos that are listed as similar, that I cannot vouch for them. I can only vouch for the ones I have seen, so watch at your own risk. It's youtube. You never know what you're going to get.


  1. Yikes... all of them were sort of painful. And yet, I laughed.

  2. haha, for some reason I really like the first one and it's not even painful. The funny part is when they still just go on.

  3. I just watched it again, and yeah, the line "Actually, it may be a moth" just cracks me up.

  4. now I have a great reason not to work out

  5. The ladder one seriously cracked me up!! Oh, goodness. Thanks for the laugh!


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