Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Book Reviews

I was googling around (hehe) when I found this blog. It is from a woman who sponsors book reviews by other bloggers. You can scroll through her blog, reading about her life and the book reviews here and there, or you can select a genre on the left side of her blog and only read book reviews. She tries to be a source for good books without swearing, violence, and raunchiness.

I enjoy reading the reviews and getting book recommendations. You might, too!

Click this link: Homespun Light


  1. not a big book girl- but that fall leaf project looks awesome! and that ballerina scrapbook page:)

  2. Hey I just finished a Rallison book and two more Shannon Hale books. Good stuff!

  3. Ooh, good to know. Always looking for good reviews.


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