Friday, October 23, 2009

Love Jill's New Doctor

So, haha, Jill has been seen by five doctors now, and we have found one that we love! Jill is in the 80th for weight and height and 50th for head circumference, so she's doing pretty well. I had always thought that formula babies (on average) were larger than breastfed babies, but I have now learned that I was wrong. (That's just a side note.) Another encouraging note was that my doctor let me know that my breast milk continues to have all of the nutrients and vitamins that my baby needs, even at six months. I thought that Jill might start actually needing other food, because she's gotten older, but he said nope. In few cases, the breast milk doesn't have enough calories, but that's rare, and since Jill is as big as she is, that doesn't seem to be a problem in our case. :) So, that's wonderful news! I no longer have to feel guilty if I don't get around to giving Jill squash or rice cereal. :) I'm enough! Yay!

His name is Dr. Kroger, and he is with Pediatric Association of Mt. Carmel. They have three offices: Loveland, Eastgate, and Batavia.

He has six kids himself, so he would share experiences as a doctor and as a parent. I liked that. He also spent about 30 minutes with us, which I thought was amazing. It let me actually think of all the questions that I wanted to ask. Sometimes they're in and out in 5 minutes, and I don't remember everything I want to ask quickly enough. He was also Jeff's doctor when Jeff was a teenager, so that's pretty cool.


  1. That's neat that he was Jeff's doctor! It's such a good feeling when you have a doctor that you feel like is really taking care of you.

    Devin told me that one of the things about breastmilk that makes it so amazing is that it changes as the baby ages... I can't remember all the details, but we're pretty amazing creatures, us women!!

  2. I didn't give Benji solid foods every day until he was over a year old, probably. I would give him stuff every now and then, whenever I felt like it, had food to give him, or he seemed really interested. But, most days, he was more than content to just nurse.

    Good to know that there is a good doctor around. I don't use doctors very often, but if I need one, I will check him out. (I did like a pediatrician's office we went to only a couple of times in Milford...but since there is a nice one that is closer, I would be more interested in that one!)

  3. I love that you found a doctor you like. Definitely makes a huge difference. Yeah, I always thought that about formula babies too, but it did seem to be reversed for the most part. I only know of one formula baby who was bigger than Brenden, all the rest were smaller. I think genetics has a lot to do with it too.

    I've always heard that breast milk is the main source food they need til they're one year and solids are supposed to supplement that. So with Brenden, I was going to wait til he was 6 months to start giving him solids, but at about 4 1/2 months he was getting so hungry. He was eating every hour and it still wasn't enough, he was waking up in the night to eat again (he started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks) and so I gave in and started him on solids after a few weeks of that. I'm sure Jill will let you know if she needs more.

  4. o good to know- thanks for the tip. my kids pediatrician is actually leaving the practice and moving to michigan. it is a team of doctors so the kids can still be seen by the other. but i don't really care for any of the other drs so i am shopping around! do you and jeff have a dentist you love too? i have one for the kids that i love but not for me- so i haven't been to the dentist in like 5 years

  5. o also-
    since lilly was born with a cleft pallate she couldn't nurse- no suction. so when i would take her to her specialist at childrens i would bring bottles for her that i pumped. by 4 months dr. bender was telling me my breastmilk was as thin as water!
    so good job:)

  6. My kids go there too. love almost all of the dr's, we see Pelletier or Chamberlin most of the time. Kroger saw Andrew one time with asthma problems-he talked to andrew the whole time. Made him feel important.

  7. Little Jill is so adorable! I love it!! We've had the same trouble finding doctors that we really love. You're lucky you've found one!!


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