Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Taylor Swift is so cute! :)

And I'm pretty sure the guy in that music video is the same guy that plays the lead in Hannah Montana: The Movie. In which case, that guy's friends have got to think he's super cool. He's kissed Miley Cryus and Taylor Swift! :) Yup, it's Lucas Till.


  1. yes i love taylor swift! this music vidoe always cracks me up! see my post on may 1st called "you didn't miss it" also one in march called "the next taylor swift" :)

  2. gosh thanks so much for your comment. you are always so cheery and happy and fun to hear from. yeah i don't usually watch dancing with the stars but i caught it last night- everytime i see donnie osmond i think of laurie:)

  3. Isn't that music video the cutest ever? I watch it whenever I need a smile. :)

  4. OMG, MIMI ok two things so I just found this backtround on cutest blog on the block on my friend Theresa's blog so I was playing around and it looks like you and I picked the exact same combo. What a crazy coincidence. Also, I think Lucas Till is so adorable. We are facebook friends lol. But He's like 19 and his network says his highschool so I'm thinking I should raise my bar a little for an older man, what do you think? lol Anyway, Love you Mimi, and apparetnly great minds think alike. lol


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