Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Scoop

So, here I am finally finishing up with what my last blog began.

Michelle and Shane Hickey came to visit us for a day. We went south of Cincinnati (actually in Kentucky) to the Creation Museum.  Shane had seen an advertisement for it and was interested. I think Jill is pretty cute holding her ticket. :)

It was definitely an interesting day. Jeff and I didn't agree with 100% everything, but the museum did a really good job of displaying its information and beliefs. It is a Christian museum, displaying the history of the world, starting with creation rather than evolution. I really enjoyed the display where they discussed the difference between evolution and natural selection.

It was a good day though and sparked a lot of conversation between Jeff and I about what we learned at the museum.

The museum also had really beautiful gardens and a fun petting zoo that Jill enjoyed!


I thought Jill's beautiful blue eyes were well captured in this picture. I think it's the sunlight that helped. The indoor pictures just make her eyes look dark.

So as you could see in the pictures above, it was a very beautiful garden. It looked great in the autumn, and I can only imagine how gorgeous it is in the spring and summer as well.

We could see where they had Christmas lights up as well, so I'm sure it's cool in the winter, too.

Unrelated to the museum trip, Jill has started eating squash once a day now. She is doing very well toward figuring out what to do with her tongue while she eats and she seems to really like the squash. I'm giving her rice cereal once a day and then half a bottle of squash later in the day. Then I breastfeed all the rest.

The petting zoo had some interesting animals. I had heard of ligers and tigons before, but I had never heard of zorses. My first thought was "wow those are really dark zebras." Then I read the sign, and yup, they weren't zebras! They were zorses.

They were very friendly. :) So a zorse has a daddy that's a zebra and a mommy that's a horse. If the parents were the opposite animals, then they would be hebras. :) There were also goats, sheep, different birds, wallabies, and a pig. Oh yeah, and a cow. Haha. Jeff held Jill up near the cow, and she grabbed its ear. Much to its surprise. :) And ours. I guess we shouldn't have been though. She sure loves to grab things these days!

(We did use a lot of sanitizer afterward. No worries!)

Oh yes, I do need to give a shout out to the museum restaurant. Jeff and I both had the Monterrey Chicken sandwich, and it was really good! It was a hot sandwich, and the bread was delicious! It was like a Panera sandwich. I thought the dressing was a bit strong, but Michelle and Jeff loved it. Shane got Cincinnati-style hot dogs like from Skyline, so he has no comment.


  1. Zorses!? Hebras?! What is the world coming to? That's crazy.

    Jill looks super cute. I loved the random paragraph in the middle about her new eating schedule. You're so funny.

    We can't wait to see you!

  2. Sounds like fun. I saw a sign for that museum once, and wanted to go. But then I forgot all about it. Maybe Scotty and I will go someday.

  3. Sounds like a fun day! You are so good at getting out and seeing the sights. I need you to come back to Vegas so I can explore some more! :)

    It is so fun to introduce new foods to babies. I'm glad Jill likes the squash! You've got some messy adventures ahead of you!

    miss you.

  4. so funny! i have never heard of zorses! lol it'd be worth it to go just for that!!


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