Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So sue me

Haha. I know. Blog overkill. Two posts in one day! But really, I just got these pictures off of my mother-in-law's camera, and they're way too cute to wait for a new day!!

I know, I know—I'm breakin' hearts like hickory nuts! ;)

This new "extra large" option for pictures is interesting. I think it only exists if you're using the new uploader instead of the old one. I switch back and forth. I like how pictures are easier with the new one, but I don't know how to do videos with it. I should read the blogger tutorials and figure it out.

Speaking of new things. Jeff and I tried to graduate Jill to a larger binkie. Her current one is size 1, for 0 to 6 months. She'll be 6 months old on the 25th, so we busted out the size 2 binkie, 6 to 12 months. She wanted nothing to do with it. It didn't soothe her or help her sleep. She kept spitting it out and was unusually fussy for the whole four or five hours we tried it on her. It's also a different brand, but I think it was the larger size that she was really rejecting. So either she likes what she is used to or her mouth isn't that much bigger yet to need a new bink. Binkie . . . binky . . . pacifier . . . soother. So many names. It's hard to google! ;)


  1. I'll never complain about two posts in one day. Keep em comin!! She is definitely breaking hearts but we get to see her soon! I'll give her soooo many kisses.

  2. Um, did you JUST change your header? I was here, then I left, then I came back TWO SECONDS LATER and it was different. Weird.

  3. Haha. Yeah, I made a few changes. New background, new banner, and modified template. I wanted a wider template, but the stretch templates were too wide and the normal templates were too skinny, so I gathered my guts (that sounds gross haha) and went in and messed with the HMTL coding of the normal template. So, it's wider now. Then I played around with making a new banner to match the new background I had chosen. :) I resaved things a bunch of times and I wondered if anyone was on my blog to notice. Haha. Sounds like you were! :)

  4. Ah, those pictures are adorable! I love the big one especially. Your new blog looks so cute! You are so good with computers.

  5. how do you get to the new uploader? i think mine only has the old one. that would be cool though. love her smily pic- way to capture the moment!

  6. in regards to your comment just now- she was totally freaking out!! we kept trying to tell her to twist the lock and she was saying its slippery and was just in histarics. and andrew is a stress magnet and if anything is going on he is the first to feel the vibe. so i had to lay in bed with him the whole time to keep him from being histerical too... that's all i need


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