Tuesday, November 30, 2004


so i went on two dates over thanksgiving break. did i mention that already in here? last sunday i met a guy named dan. then randomly on monday his FHE group was combined with mine. he called me on tuesday and asked me to go ice skating with him, but i already had plans with reed, so i declined. he called me again on wednesday and asked me out again so i went on a date with him and his roommate and his roommate's fiancee. it was fun. we went to wal-mart, voted on a board game, bought it, went home, played it, and he cooked us chicken cordeun blu... or something that is spelled somewhat like that. it was great. he paid for everything, opened my door etc. he didn't have anywhere to go for thanksgiving so he went to thanksgiving dinner with one of my roommates. so i don't hear from him the next few days. on sunday i sing at ward prayer and then when i come home from school on monday there is a bouquet of pink lillies (my favorite flower and one of my favorite colors-but there is no way he could have known that) on my bed with a card asking me to accompany him to the Christmas Devotional in the conference center in SLC. he has tickets. so okay... i don't like him. i mean i think he's a great guy. i wouldn't mind getting to know him better but i would be content with doing it in a group setting. so i don't know whether he wants to get to know me in a more than friendly way or not, because usually guys don't give flowers to girls they're interested in as friends, but i'm not going to super analyze everything so i call reed and stephen for advice. reed says to be upfront with him and let him know that i like him, but as a friend, and stephen, lol, told me to keep dating him as long as he keeps giving me things (he was joking). so i call dan and tell him i would love to go as long as it was a friend thing, because i don't want to lead him on...
i'll keep you posted on how that goes...
i also found out that one of my seven crushes is 27. dang, he must think of me as his little sister. good thing i have six other crushes to fall back on right?
so i went to thanksgiving with the haynie's and it was great. i missed my family but it was nice to be with a family.
then i went skiing and it was super fun, i think i've already mentioned that
on saturday night, melissa and i went on a double date with taylor and christoph. we cooked them dinner and then went dancing in salt lake city. it was really fun. christoph is my largest crush. not in his size, but in the amount that i like him. he's like two or three years older, but he's kind of serious and smart. he studies all of the time, but he has a playful side that he lets out sometimes.
like i was sitting down resting my feet and these two high school girls came over and complimented me on my skirt and asked me where i had bought it. i told them it was some store in indiana and christoph came over and said "yeah i really like that skirt too. she wanted to wear a leather miniskirt, but i talked her out of it. it just wouldn't have been appropriate". so these girls are staring at me and i'm just like "yeah it's true, good thing i have him around for good fashion advice" or something like that and they walked away shocked and then one of them whispered to the other that if they had a leather miniskirt they would have wanted to wear it too.
so yeah maybe that doesn't sound funny to you, but it really is. he can just lie and make up some ridiculous story with a dead straight face.
it's great.
he's also fluent in english, german, and korean. he's spent most of his life living in europe and he's either half austrian or half german, i'm not sure.
he's reed's roommate.
basically he's a really cool guy. but i'm not going to ask him on anymore dates, because i don't want to reach the point where he has to reject me. and if he did not reject me (i guess i could say accept me) then i would freak and get scared and reject him, so what's the point?

single... that's me :)

Saturday, November 27, 2004

like skiing

so... today i went skiing and it was totally wahoo superb
it was scott (reed's big brother) reed and chris (reed's utah best friend)
we went to some slope called alta and it was really fun
i was a bit tipsy at the beginning, but the hangover wore off (or maybe there was no hangover and i just got used to skiing) and i didn't fall the last three times i went down so that was a success in my book.
i also had the privilege of treating my taste buds to the new found delight of
i had no idea such a tasty treat was lurking in gas stations and supermarkets across america
seriously, do yourself a favor and go out and buy yourself a taquito today!
go right now
but yeah. they're great

i had a nice thanksgiving with the haynie family. oh wait maybe i wrote about this yesterday i can't remember
okay i love you all

Friday, November 26, 2004

how is it possible?

how is it possible to be so sick of being lonely and single and yet so petrified of being a couple? i guess i wouldn't mind being a couple, but i'm in utah and being a couple ends with an engagement ring, and that is what i'm petrified of.

how can someone let go of their self control enough to actually fall in love with someone else for forever?
what is love anyway?

happy thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

love actually

"you should always tell someone how you feel. i should have told her every day that i loved her, because she was perfect every day."

man... where do you find someone that thinks you're perfect even with all of your flaws?

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Did I read that sign right?

In an office:

In a Laundromat:

In a London department store:

In an office:

In an office:

Outside a secondhand shop:

Notice in health food shop window:

Spotted in a safari park:

Seen during a conference:

Notice in a farmer's field:

On a repair shop door:

Monday, November 22, 2004


some interesting articles i found online...

Greatest Movie Quotes of all time?

Librarians want to jail people with overdue books

If you stole Jesus they'll give you beer if you return Him

Saturday, November 20, 2004

express dating

Get this! In Utah they have something called express dating! They did it at my stake dance last night. You could go into a different room and get a number stickered onto your shirt. Then you would cycle around with all of the other members of the opposite gender in the room and in about two minute periods you would talk to someone and then switch to the next person. You would just get to know each other and talk, then at the end you went and wrote down all of the numbers of the boys (or girls if you're a boy) that you thought were interesting or that you wanted to go on a real date with or that you just wanted to get to know better. Then they people told you their names and numbers. Where else but Utah?

They want us all to get married so bad!
Who the "they" is I'm not really sure.
But you guys should all listen to the Shrek 2 soundtrack.

So I am almost danced out. I went to a church dance last Saturday. On Wednesday I went to a country/swing dance. Last night I went to another church dance and tonight I'm going ballroom dancing. I love how much stuff there is to do here. There are always things going on, I'm sure all large colleges are like this, but it's so cool!
Like last night for example. I could have gone to watch two plays "The Bus Stop" or "The Taming of the Shrew" or I could have gone to the first home girl's basketball game or I could have gone to the Multinational Dance or the Latin dance or the World Fest Dance or my stake activity or I could have gone to the Silent Movie Night in the library or I could have walked to the dollar theater. then of course in the warm seasons there is even more to do because you can always just go hike up a mountain or wander through a cave or run through a water fall or go tubbing down the canyon. Like I never have an excuse for just sitting at home and not doing anything because there are so many things to do!

also, shout out to the posse for the cutest card i've ever seen.
i got it in the mail yesterday thanks girls you're the bestests!

Friday, November 19, 2004


dancing is definitely my favorite thing to do now. i love it. if any of you ever want to cha cha, waltz, foxtrot, triple swing, or polka PLEASE give me a call.
i would be ever so happy to dance with you!
i'm getting so excited
i have eleven school days left, two reading days, four days of exams and then i'm going to be home with my family and friends in wonderful flat indiana!

i ate dinner with reed tonight night at his apartment. it was kind of interesting. i mean he lives in the foreign language housing, with the german peeps so dinner was spoken entirely in... you guessed it. german. so yeah... the tacos were good. the people were pretty nice too. he has really cool roommates. he's a lucky man. i kind of wish that i lived in the portuguese house but then i don't know what i would do with my cat and i really like the ward i'm in.
we'll think on this.
i hope that everyone is having a nice day
and watching old movies from the 30s and 40s.
they're good stuff.
check 'em out
check 'em out

Monday, November 15, 2004

life as a musical

i love old movies.
i was talking to one of my friends the other day who i thought liked old movies, but they admitted to me yesterday that they don't really, they find them boring, they only watch them when they're watching them with me and then they like them because i like them so much and i make them interesting.
so i thought they liked them, but really they just always let me pick what we were watching. how funny.
seriously though, i just watched a cyd charisse and fred astaire movie, that was admittedly, a little stupid (it had a bad plot) but the dancing was so amazing that it didn't even matter. seriously i want to be able to do that.
of course this weekend was dancesport too so i've been watching a lot of live dancing too. i got to watch the U.S. Latin Dance Champions perform three numbers. man, Latin style dancing... it's the "sexiest" thing i've seen on my mormon campus. i was kind of surprised that we allow it, but hey it's latin right?
seriously samba, rumba, cha cha, pasadoble, waltz, quick step, tango, viennese waltz, foxtrot, triple swing, west coast swing, country line dancing, paleiro, mambo... i don't think i could ever get sick of watching it. and oh yeah the cabaret competition was the coolest thing i have ever seen in my life. they weren't dancing so much as defying gravity. you really have to wonder if the man is the strongest person in the world or if the girl doesn't weigh anything. also the girl obviously is not afraid of much because man wow. he's flinging her everywhere and lifting her so high in the air. it was amazing. okay we can all laugh at me because i honestly started crying during one of the numbers it was SO COOL.
i was totally feeling like the old woman in the vanessa williams and chayanne movie "Dance with Me" when she runs out onto the dance floor and yells "I WANNA DO THAT TOO" well that is so me. i wanna do that too.
some of the kids that were competing were i think the youngest were six year olds. there was a couple that couldn't have been older than 10 and they were amazing. they were so good and then in the next competition the girl's little sister was out there dancing with her partner and man she was even younger and just as amazing. i mean i'm a decade older and i will never be able to samba like that. i want to though. man dang.
i just wish i could step outside of my house one morning and everyone will be singing and dancing to the same song.
i think when i'm married i'm going to make one day where we have to speak in a foreign language when we talk to each other and another day where we have to sing everything that we say to each other. well we don't have to when we have company over, but besides then. of course my family may just fight back and not talk to each other on those days, but i can give it a try!
i love dancing.
there were some cool tshirts with quotes
"football isn't a contact sport. it's a collision sport. dancing is a contact sport"
"ginger rogers did everything that fred astaire could do, but backwards and in high heels"
"dancing is a short cut to happiness"
seriously ballroom dancing is BIG out here. the middle schools and high schools have teams that compete against each other. what i would have done to go to a school that had a partner dance team!!!
i love the world tonight!

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

so . . .

i'm so excited. i get to register for classes tomorrow! it's so great to be 19 1/2 years old and a freshman and not 25 and a third year senior. i tell you what those peeps are BURNT OUT from school but i'm still excited. there are so many classes i want to take next semester! there just really aren't enough hours in the day. well i guess it's also a problem that if i did it all next semester then i would be a freshman forever because there wouldn't be any classes left to take next year!
i'm thinking...
beginner jazz
social dance
latin dance
american heritage
book of mormon
church history 1845-present
brazilian history
greek and roman mythology

so we'll see how many i'm actually allowed to do
oh yeah and there is some churchy leadership thing class that suzy wants me to take with her... that class too

so i get on the bus (not so weird right i do it every day at 7:20 in the morning) so the seats in the front are taken so i go sit in the back. i sit next to this guy that i don't know but it's the bus and there was an empty seat next to him, right. so right when i sit down he leans over and offers his hand to shake and says "hi michelle i'm scott" to this i'm not sure what to do so i shake his hand. see i love the name michelle, but it's usually only used when either someone doesn't know me or they've decided to call me michelle instead of mimi and i know that that particular person does that. so i'm thinking who is this guy? so i ask him um how do you know my name? he responds well i recognized your picture from the ward directory. i'm thinking... hmm either great memory or freaky right? then i think well hey i myself was flipping through it last night so i can't discriminate and hate on a guy that was doing the same thing i should just appreciate. ; ) so we talk the whole bus ride to campus and he's a nice guy. he asks me if i know who he or who any of his roommates are and honestly i had to say no. the only boys i know in my ward are my two home teachers and my FHE dad. the only time for getting to know each other is in relief society and the boys just don't make it in there. oh yeah i know the bishopric too but they're married. anyway so we're getting off the bus and he says "okay i have to be honest my roommates and i sat in front of you this sunday during sacrament and i thought you had a really nice voice" i'm thinking why is that something he has to confess or come clean with? but i just thank him for the compliment, say it was nice meeting him, and then walk to class.
bizzare, eh?

Friday, November 5, 2004

crapfully yours

okay sorry i've been browsing strongbad's emails a bit too much recently so i've got crap on the brain.

yeah so i'm sick. lissa was sick two sundays ago and then kyle was sick this sunday and i think i may have spent too much time with them and i forgot to take my vitamins all last week so it's been a bad combination. luckily today was a thursday. i can get sick on thursdays, tuesdays, and fridays without too much damage happening. mondays and wednesdays are out of the question though. i have too much stuff on those classes to miss. fridays i can miss because there is no biology, i have portuguese every single day so missing one day isn't that major and i can get the notes from music from ryan and the notes from pysch from suzy. thursdays and tuesdays are portuguese for the same reason and then my prophets class which i take at orem institute, it's not for credit and it doesn't count towards my GPA and i don't even get a grade in there, it's just for learning more about the prophets and having a class with melissa, but my teacher wrote the manual for my class so all i have to do is read the manual and i'll know what i missed (and it's an interesting manual so that's gravy) then i have book of mormon. the only dangerous thing about missing that is that attendance is part of your grade and sometimes there are pop quizzes, but you can miss two and not have it hurt your grade. on the plus side all of his notes, slides, and handouts are on his internet website so i get all of the information anyway. also today is the first time i've missed book of mormon and i'm really feeling like crap so i don't feel guilty about it.
it's not like i've been sitting around watching movies or anything. i've actually spent all day sleeping, eating, and working on my massive biology personal poster assignment on fruit breeding. i tell you what it's an exciting topic. in four generations from the same plum scientists can end up with yellow flesh or dark-red flesh, both with a dark-red skin. i mean i don't know how to mate plums like that... do you?

Monday, November 1, 2004


so yeah the snow is sticking on the ground... def. getting colder

i totally miss my muncie friends right now

it was so dark and cloudy that i couldn't see the mountains so i could almost pretend that i was driving along I-69, but then i realized that i could see too many lights so it obviously was not indiana because even though i couldn't see the mountains it still was not flat. oh well. it is beautiful out here...