Friday, November 5, 2004

crapfully yours

okay sorry i've been browsing strongbad's emails a bit too much recently so i've got crap on the brain.

yeah so i'm sick. lissa was sick two sundays ago and then kyle was sick this sunday and i think i may have spent too much time with them and i forgot to take my vitamins all last week so it's been a bad combination. luckily today was a thursday. i can get sick on thursdays, tuesdays, and fridays without too much damage happening. mondays and wednesdays are out of the question though. i have too much stuff on those classes to miss. fridays i can miss because there is no biology, i have portuguese every single day so missing one day isn't that major and i can get the notes from music from ryan and the notes from pysch from suzy. thursdays and tuesdays are portuguese for the same reason and then my prophets class which i take at orem institute, it's not for credit and it doesn't count towards my GPA and i don't even get a grade in there, it's just for learning more about the prophets and having a class with melissa, but my teacher wrote the manual for my class so all i have to do is read the manual and i'll know what i missed (and it's an interesting manual so that's gravy) then i have book of mormon. the only dangerous thing about missing that is that attendance is part of your grade and sometimes there are pop quizzes, but you can miss two and not have it hurt your grade. on the plus side all of his notes, slides, and handouts are on his internet website so i get all of the information anyway. also today is the first time i've missed book of mormon and i'm really feeling like crap so i don't feel guilty about it.
it's not like i've been sitting around watching movies or anything. i've actually spent all day sleeping, eating, and working on my massive biology personal poster assignment on fruit breeding. i tell you what it's an exciting topic. in four generations from the same plum scientists can end up with yellow flesh or dark-red flesh, both with a dark-red skin. i mean i don't know how to mate plums like that... do you?

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