Friday, November 19, 2004


dancing is definitely my favorite thing to do now. i love it. if any of you ever want to cha cha, waltz, foxtrot, triple swing, or polka PLEASE give me a call.
i would be ever so happy to dance with you!
i'm getting so excited
i have eleven school days left, two reading days, four days of exams and then i'm going to be home with my family and friends in wonderful flat indiana!

i ate dinner with reed tonight night at his apartment. it was kind of interesting. i mean he lives in the foreign language housing, with the german peeps so dinner was spoken entirely in... you guessed it. german. so yeah... the tacos were good. the people were pretty nice too. he has really cool roommates. he's a lucky man. i kind of wish that i lived in the portuguese house but then i don't know what i would do with my cat and i really like the ward i'm in.
we'll think on this.
i hope that everyone is having a nice day
and watching old movies from the 30s and 40s.
they're good stuff.
check 'em out
check 'em out

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