Saturday, November 20, 2004

express dating

Get this! In Utah they have something called express dating! They did it at my stake dance last night. You could go into a different room and get a number stickered onto your shirt. Then you would cycle around with all of the other members of the opposite gender in the room and in about two minute periods you would talk to someone and then switch to the next person. You would just get to know each other and talk, then at the end you went and wrote down all of the numbers of the boys (or girls if you're a boy) that you thought were interesting or that you wanted to go on a real date with or that you just wanted to get to know better. Then they people told you their names and numbers. Where else but Utah?

They want us all to get married so bad!
Who the "they" is I'm not really sure.
But you guys should all listen to the Shrek 2 soundtrack.

So I am almost danced out. I went to a church dance last Saturday. On Wednesday I went to a country/swing dance. Last night I went to another church dance and tonight I'm going ballroom dancing. I love how much stuff there is to do here. There are always things going on, I'm sure all large colleges are like this, but it's so cool!
Like last night for example. I could have gone to watch two plays "The Bus Stop" or "The Taming of the Shrew" or I could have gone to the first home girl's basketball game or I could have gone to the Multinational Dance or the Latin dance or the World Fest Dance or my stake activity or I could have gone to the Silent Movie Night in the library or I could have walked to the dollar theater. then of course in the warm seasons there is even more to do because you can always just go hike up a mountain or wander through a cave or run through a water fall or go tubbing down the canyon. Like I never have an excuse for just sitting at home and not doing anything because there are so many things to do!

also, shout out to the posse for the cutest card i've ever seen.
i got it in the mail yesterday thanks girls you're the bestests!

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