Tuesday, November 9, 2004

so . . .

i'm so excited. i get to register for classes tomorrow! it's so great to be 19 1/2 years old and a freshman and not 25 and a third year senior. i tell you what those peeps are BURNT OUT from school but i'm still excited. there are so many classes i want to take next semester! there just really aren't enough hours in the day. well i guess it's also a problem that if i did it all next semester then i would be a freshman forever because there wouldn't be any classes left to take next year!
i'm thinking...
beginner jazz
social dance
latin dance
american heritage
book of mormon
church history 1845-present
brazilian history
greek and roman mythology

so we'll see how many i'm actually allowed to do
oh yeah and there is some churchy leadership thing class that suzy wants me to take with her... that class too

so i get on the bus (not so weird right i do it every day at 7:20 in the morning) so the seats in the front are taken so i go sit in the back. i sit next to this guy that i don't know but it's the bus and there was an empty seat next to him, right. so right when i sit down he leans over and offers his hand to shake and says "hi michelle i'm scott" to this i'm not sure what to do so i shake his hand. see i love the name michelle, but it's usually only used when either someone doesn't know me or they've decided to call me michelle instead of mimi and i know that that particular person does that. so i'm thinking who is this guy? so i ask him um how do you know my name? he responds well i recognized your picture from the ward directory. i'm thinking... hmm either great memory or freaky right? then i think well hey i myself was flipping through it last night so i can't discriminate and hate on a guy that was doing the same thing i should just appreciate. ; ) so we talk the whole bus ride to campus and he's a nice guy. he asks me if i know who he or who any of his roommates are and honestly i had to say no. the only boys i know in my ward are my two home teachers and my FHE dad. the only time for getting to know each other is in relief society and the boys just don't make it in there. oh yeah i know the bishopric too but they're married. anyway so we're getting off the bus and he says "okay i have to be honest my roommates and i sat in front of you this sunday during sacrament and i thought you had a really nice voice" i'm thinking why is that something he has to confess or come clean with? but i just thank him for the compliment, say it was nice meeting him, and then walk to class.
bizzare, eh?

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