Tuesday, November 30, 2004


so i went on two dates over thanksgiving break. did i mention that already in here? last sunday i met a guy named dan. then randomly on monday his FHE group was combined with mine. he called me on tuesday and asked me to go ice skating with him, but i already had plans with reed, so i declined. he called me again on wednesday and asked me out again so i went on a date with him and his roommate and his roommate's fiancee. it was fun. we went to wal-mart, voted on a board game, bought it, went home, played it, and he cooked us chicken cordeun blu... or something that is spelled somewhat like that. it was great. he paid for everything, opened my door etc. he didn't have anywhere to go for thanksgiving so he went to thanksgiving dinner with one of my roommates. so i don't hear from him the next few days. on sunday i sing at ward prayer and then when i come home from school on monday there is a bouquet of pink lillies (my favorite flower and one of my favorite colors-but there is no way he could have known that) on my bed with a card asking me to accompany him to the Christmas Devotional in the conference center in SLC. he has tickets. so okay... i don't like him. i mean i think he's a great guy. i wouldn't mind getting to know him better but i would be content with doing it in a group setting. so i don't know whether he wants to get to know me in a more than friendly way or not, because usually guys don't give flowers to girls they're interested in as friends, but i'm not going to super analyze everything so i call reed and stephen for advice. reed says to be upfront with him and let him know that i like him, but as a friend, and stephen, lol, told me to keep dating him as long as he keeps giving me things (he was joking). so i call dan and tell him i would love to go as long as it was a friend thing, because i don't want to lead him on...
i'll keep you posted on how that goes...
i also found out that one of my seven crushes is 27. dang, he must think of me as his little sister. good thing i have six other crushes to fall back on right?
so i went to thanksgiving with the haynie's and it was great. i missed my family but it was nice to be with a family.
then i went skiing and it was super fun, i think i've already mentioned that
on saturday night, melissa and i went on a double date with taylor and christoph. we cooked them dinner and then went dancing in salt lake city. it was really fun. christoph is my largest crush. not in his size, but in the amount that i like him. he's like two or three years older, but he's kind of serious and smart. he studies all of the time, but he has a playful side that he lets out sometimes.
like i was sitting down resting my feet and these two high school girls came over and complimented me on my skirt and asked me where i had bought it. i told them it was some store in indiana and christoph came over and said "yeah i really like that skirt too. she wanted to wear a leather miniskirt, but i talked her out of it. it just wouldn't have been appropriate". so these girls are staring at me and i'm just like "yeah it's true, good thing i have him around for good fashion advice" or something like that and they walked away shocked and then one of them whispered to the other that if they had a leather miniskirt they would have wanted to wear it too.
so yeah maybe that doesn't sound funny to you, but it really is. he can just lie and make up some ridiculous story with a dead straight face.
it's great.
he's also fluent in english, german, and korean. he's spent most of his life living in europe and he's either half austrian or half german, i'm not sure.
he's reed's roommate.
basically he's a really cool guy. but i'm not going to ask him on anymore dates, because i don't want to reach the point where he has to reject me. and if he did not reject me (i guess i could say accept me) then i would freak and get scared and reject him, so what's the point?

single... that's me :)

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