Saturday, November 27, 2004

like skiing

so... today i went skiing and it was totally wahoo superb
it was scott (reed's big brother) reed and chris (reed's utah best friend)
we went to some slope called alta and it was really fun
i was a bit tipsy at the beginning, but the hangover wore off (or maybe there was no hangover and i just got used to skiing) and i didn't fall the last three times i went down so that was a success in my book.
i also had the privilege of treating my taste buds to the new found delight of
i had no idea such a tasty treat was lurking in gas stations and supermarkets across america
seriously, do yourself a favor and go out and buy yourself a taquito today!
go right now
but yeah. they're great

i had a nice thanksgiving with the haynie family. oh wait maybe i wrote about this yesterday i can't remember
okay i love you all

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