Wednesday, December 28, 2005

so . . . michigan

i survived the semester and i'm "home" for the holidays.
however i don't really have a "home" right now because my parents moved to michigan last week
so that means that i have spent my entire break cleaning, scrubbing, dusting, and unpacking.
however, my parents' new house is smaller than their last house because their kids aren't small anymore and they don't need a big house so it all makes sense, but they also don't have an attic anymore so nothing fits in this house.
it's a great house though.
i can't wait to be with jeffrey again...
highlight of break so far: getting to go to work with dad and help him do stuff
going to my aunt and uncle's house and doing stuff with my cool cousins
being with my family

however sometimes being with family can be stressful
it's weird to not have any friends to do things with
last christmas break... that's all i did day and night. i really don't think i slept.
we were all too busy hanging out.
i mean i'm already a different person when i'm in utah and now that i don't have indiana to go back home to on the breaks and be with all of my friends that i've had for the past seven years it's as though i'm losing that person forever. that part of me is dying. the sociable, active mimi is vanishing into thin air and shy mimi is taking her place.
too bad shy mimi still has the same temper and inability to not be ...aggressive and vigorous.

so that's depressing.
we didn't have a christmas this year.
i don't think anyone is surprised. my family doesn't really "do" christmas.

my grades are starting to show up. the teachers don't have to have them posted until friday (the thirtieth) but i have four so far. i didn't get a D in mus 201 like i was worried. i got a C- so that's a happy day. however, at the same time it is kind of disheartening because it is the first C i have had since third grade. that's a really long streak that just ended abruptly. i'm really not sure what happened in that class. i have As and Bs in all of my other classes so far. there are three classes still not posted so we'll see how that goes.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

being in love

Wow, being in love is so cool.

Jeffrey and I and Jeff and Sarah helped Kyle and Melissa move into their new apartment. I really love being at the Cannon's. I feel like I'm at home. Being with Kara and Kayle makes me wish that I had my own daughters—or little sisters.

Wow. I really hope Jeffrey and I get married instead of breaking up. We're alike in the right ways and different in the right ways. I feel so giddy around him.

We got to see the lights on temple square last night. The temple looked beautiful.

I love Jeffrey Wells Collett.

Thursday, December 8, 2005

he loves me!

Jeffrey told me he loved me. I wanted so badly to say it back—I thought it would burst out of me, but I didn't have the guts–I'll tell him tomorrow. He knows I do though, because I've written it before. :)

Monday, December 5, 2005

almost made it

away from being done with this dirty nasty semester

soooooooooooo thrilled!

Sunday, December 4, 2005

3 months!

Happy 3 months of knowing Jeffrey. Wow—this semester went seriously fast. I only have four days of school left—thank goodness! I wonder if I'll be able to get everything done by then. Hmm . . . I don't have a choice—I have to get everything done by then.

Is there someone out there that could make me happier than Jeffrey? Is it worth it to give up all chances of Aaron, Nate, Reed, Danzy, Robbie, and Brett? I can't believe sometimes that I'm dating a twenty-three year old.

Will he be able to provide for me and my family? I must not love him heart, soul, body, and mind yet. Part of me definitely loves him though.

Thursday, December 1, 2005

When will he ever . . .

I wonder when Jeffrey will propose? I'm pretty sure he will. Next month? Three months? I don't know. I definitely think it would be worth it to make it work with Jeffrey. I could commit to him. Although it is weird to think about getting married while all of my friends are on missions, because then they couldn't be there.

It's kind of weird to be in this situation. It's like I'm watching it happen to someone else.

In my dream last night, he was going to propose.

However, I still don't feel like we've been dating long enough to make that kind of step. So, I hope he doesn't propose any time soon. I don't think it will be soon, because he says he's scared of being wrong.

I am a little worried about Jacob Jackson over Christmas break. I should call him. I wonder how I can make him understand and not hurt him any more.